How Much I Hate to Run

Now this is not going to be a big long rant about how running is the most horrid exercise on this planet (which it is). I do genuinely hate running more than I hate the dreaded burpee or weightlifting just because I didn’t grow up knowing running as a “good thing”.

I played volleyball competitively from 6th grade till I came to college. If you know anything about volleyball, you know you play it in a 30×30 square, so running a mile was about as far as I got. My whole athletic life, all I had done were sprints. It was also an avid rumor that if you ran long distances it made your vertical shorter which was a big no no in the volleyball world (I don’t know if thats actually true or not). But every year since 8th grade, I did train for a 5k at Thanksgiving because I thought it off set the amount of food i consumed that one day every year, but that was about it.

Now that I’m in college, I’m slowly, but surely trying to find a love for it. I know that when I do run long distances, I feel very slimmed. I think running puts me in the best shape I can be in. I started to realize this when my freshman year roommate would run almost everyday all over campus, and let me tell you the University of Maryland campus is no easy running course. She slimmed down dramatically and she actually ran a half marathon this past semester! And because I’m super lame and want to be skinny and awesome like everyone else I want to find this love for running as well.

I started running longer distances (about 2-3 miles) once I joined my beloved fitness group CHAARG this past semester. CHAARG is an all girls fitness group aimed at giving girls the knowledge and skills to love their bodies and love exercise. My fellow CHAARGies showed me how they got into running and how you can slowly build up how far you run. I got up to running a 5k every other day for about 2 weeks and then I just stopped! And I’m super pissed at myself for doing it so now I’ve decided to get back into it.

My goal is to run outside more and not think about how far its going to be. A lot of my friends from CHAARG say that running outside helps because once you go so far, you have to go back; you don’t have another choice. So from today on I’m going to start my running journey. I got outside this evening and ran across campus for 20 minutes which ended up being just 2 miles for me, but its a great starting point!

I really have been working hard to slim down for summer and this is that next step! If you have a fitness goal you want to reach today is the day to start. You may not think you have the time or the athletic ability or the confidence, but you do and I believe in you 110%.

Lets get running