How to Make Your Comfy Clothes Cute

During the week, I get super busy with school and work so I don’t always have time to put together a cute outfit, but I still don’t wanna look like I just rolled out of bed. I have to wear nice clothes to work so going to class, I usually just wear leggings and a plain shirt or whatever I know I’ll be comfy in all day. We all know this struggle so I wanted to give some tips on how to throw together quick outfits to help make your life easier during the week.

First, my go to is always black leggings, and 99% of them are athletic leggings. These can always be dressed up or dressed down. I love to wear these with cute plain v-neck t shirts with my white converse and I LOOOVVEEE this look. Sometimes I throw a hat on it. Sometimes I throw an oversized sweatshirt overtop and BOOM! you lookin so cute! Other times, I want to do something a little extra and throw a cute fitted camel neck sweatshirt.

The key to this is to have those signature comfy pieces that you can mix up all the time. I stay in neutral colors like grey, black, and white, but sometimes I add pops of color in my hats or shoes. Some of my own signature pieces include quarter zips, cross-neck hoodies, adidas and puma t-shirts, and my white converse.

You also don’t need to break the bank on these clothes either. I buy a lot of my athletic clothes at TJ Max or Ross, but I always keep tabs on the Lululemon sale and Nike.

Keeping it simple and comfy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or break the bank. I hope these tips help and let me know what you love to wear on your comfy days too!


(all photos taken from Pinterest)