Green or Gold Juice?

I’ve always herd about people doing juice cleanses and how great they are or how great natural artesian juice is so I finally decided to give it a try. I work in Bethesda, Maryland and right across the street from me is an artisan juice bar called Purée. This place has had my attention for awhile. I always have customers come into my work and I ask them what they got and if they liked it and they always have great things to say, so about a week ago I went and tried it for myself. When I walked in, I saw some pre-made juice, but they also had a very large menu which was quite intimidating, especially considering there was an old man who came in after me who knew exactly what to order, I just browsed the pre-made ones and picked the green lemon-aid. I’ve always been a fan of green juices so I thought this one would be a hit, Also I drink about 2 gallons of lemonade a week (not even exaggerating) so this was right up my ally.

The packaging is cute. Its an all glass bottle with a plastic cap screwed on. You get 16 fl oz of juice for $9.00. This was what blew my mind! nine dollars for some vegetable juice?! This stuff better be amazing!. When you first get it, its very separated so you have to shake it up and then you can enjoy your all organic artesian juice.

My juice was made from spinach, romaine, kale, cucumber, celery, lemon, cayenne pepper, alkaline water, and a hint of agave.Let me tell you, this stuff did not taste like lemonade… This tasted like cucumber water. It wasn’t horrible, but I expected it to have a much more lemonade flavor and it didn’t even have a lemon after taste. I did still enjoy the juice to an extent, but I can’t say I will ever spend $9 on that exact juice again.

Purée does do other custom smoothies and acái bowls so I definitely think I’m going to go back another time for something different, but maybe when I have more money to blow. I understand why the drink is so expensive. It’s a quality product made from quality, natural ingredients, but next time, I’m trusting my gut and sticking with the berry flavored things.