Savannah, Georgia

So, I have been MIA for awhile because it was my spring break and I did absolutely nothing besides go on this dope vacation with my boyfriend! So because I am poor and go to college, I paid for this vacation with savings from my part time job and honestly, it couldn’t have been more fun.

We started in Raleigh, North Carolina for St. Patricks Day because we decided to drive to Savannah and not fly. We left on friday after our classes to a good half way point where there would be things to do. We stayed in AirBNB’s the whole trip. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a website where people can rent rooms or whole houses where you can stay for less than a hotel (usually). We stayed with the most wonderful women and her dog and she told us a fun place to go to celebrate St. Patty’s. We went to a bar called The Beer Garden and had AMAZING beer battered soft pretzels and of course we had to have Guinness.

The next day, we got up to finish our drive to Savannah, which wasn’t too bad. In all, it took us about 11 hours over the 2 days, but we hit substantial traffic. When we finally made it to Savannah, we decided to jump right into the St Patty’s Day festivities. If you didn’t know, Savannah has the second biggest St Patty’s day celebration in the US second to New York City so needless to say it was quite an eventful evening.

The following day we did what felt right to me and did every possible tourist thing there was to do in Savannah. We did the Old Savannah Trolly Tours and had a great time. We ate lots of good food at places like Sorry Charlie’s and The Olde Pink House (my personal favorite).

Side note: I have this weird love for biscuits and classic southern buttermilk biscuits from The Olde Pink House just made this vacation for me.

We toured the Owens-Thomas house and ate pralines and I sat on the bench from the Forrest Gump movie. We did all of this in three days and drove straight home to Maryland on the fourth day on a decent budget. I paid for the entire thing myself since John paid for our vacation to Vermont in January, but it really wasn’t bad on my bank account. I still had money leftover and we did everything we wanted to and didn’t have to skip out on any experiences.

Even though our trip was short, we still had so much fun and enjoyed the warm weather, but now time to save up for some summer adventures.