The Bath Bomb for People Who Hate Baths

Okay, so I don’t know if this is just me, but I can’t stand taking baths. They freak me out! The whole time I’m sitting in the bathtub, all I can think about is all the dirt I’m sitting in (and I’m a very clean person), so I avoid taking baths as much as possible. I know bath bombs are super popular and why wouldn’t they be?! They’re beautiful and relaxing and add wonderful things to your bathwater for you to soak in, but I can’t put myself through that torture.

Then, when I went on vacation to Savannah, my whole life got flipped turned upside down (you see what I did there?) We checked out this store called Nourish which was sponsored by the trolly tour we went on through the city and they had these things called shower steamers. I herd one of the ladies who worked in the store explaining what they were to an older gentleman and his wife and it grabbed my attention right away!

The packaging that comes with them also explains what they are and how they work. It says, “Enjoy aromatherapy benefits of pure essential oils with Nourish Shower Steamers.”

So basically what you do place the little shower steamer on the floor of ur shower where some water is going to hit it, but it won’t be in the direct line of the water from the shower head and you get the shower really hot and BAM! You have yourself an at home aromatherapy session.

I tried out the Mint Julep one when I got sick about two weeks ago and it made me feel amazing. It helped relieve my headache and stiffness along with helping me feel overall relaxed. They last a long time in the shower and they don’t make a huge mess. This is a huge game changed for me!

If you want to check them out, you can go to their website linked at the bottom of this post and check out all of their homemade products and support a small business all at the same time!

Hope you get a chance to try these out for yourself!


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