The Secret to an Awesome Workout at Home

It can be super hard to make your way to the gym. Especially if you’re in college and you have a busy day and your tired and your gym is on the other side of campus. It almost always feels like going to the gym is this huge ordeal that’s going to take a big chunk out of your day and who honestly has two hours everyday of their already busy week to dedicate to getting their sweat on? Not me!

I really try my best to make it to the gym five days a week for at least 45 minutes for a good workout, but that doesn’t always happen. I’m very lucky where I have a gym right downstairs in my apartment complex, but I know that struggle of having to go to the gym from friends. Even my mom hates having to drive to the gym even though its less than 10 minutes from my house at home.

Lately, I’ve just been lost with what to do at the gym and I really want to try and mix it up to really see some changes in my body (gotta get that summer bod!) So as I was scrolling through Pinterest one day, as I do on a regular basis, I found these PopSugar Fitness videos and they. will. change. your. workouts.

They have so many different videos on their youtube channel and on Pinterest so you can always mix up your workout! They also have different time length videos so whether you have 15 minutes or a whole hour you can get it done. The two best parts about these videos are that they require little to no equipment and they’re FREE!

I personally love to feel the burn during my workouts; it helps me to feel like I’m really changing something in my body when I’m pouring sweat and these videos do that for me, but they also always have a modified version if a move is too hard for you.

PopSugar is not the only free workout video channel out there, but it’s one of my favorites. The instructors help me to push myself and they look well put together and they’re fun and make me laugh which is always a plus! I’ve also done some spin class videos on youtube because my gym has spin bikes, but I never knew what to do on them and now I just do these follow along videos and its great!

Check them all out on youtube and go get your sweat on! I hope they work for you just as great as they work for me!