The Ultimate and Easy Healthy Breakfast

We all know we’re obsessed with everyones adorable acai bowls and their perfect Belgian waffles they get out at brunch on the weekends and the perfect pictures they post of said breakfasts on Instagram, but on a daily basis, our breakfasts aren’t always beautiful. When you’re in college or just busy with your job, we’re constantly on the go and we need something healthy, filling, and fast.

Now, personally, I think everyone should make an effort to sit down in the morning and take time to start their day off on a good note because a good morning can set the foreground for your whole day, but if you’re a, “get up and go” kind of person, that’s totally fine too. These breakfasts will work for which ever one you are!

So my personal go-to breakfast everyday is eggs. Eggs are a great source of protein and very filling. I poach my eggs because its super easy to poach eggs if you have a little egg poacher (which I did not know existed till my mom purchased me one). I make one poached egg and cut up and avocado and I’m good to go! This is also great because poaching eggs is a super healthy way to make them because it requires no butter or oil or anything!

Another fast breakfast I think we all have seen a lot is smoothie bowls. I like these because they can be fast and if you need to, you can take them on the go. Plus, you can mix them up so you don’t eat the same thing everyday for a few weeks, which is something I know happens to people quite often. Smoothie bowls are so simple! You just pick the fruit you want in it, freeze it overnight, throw some milk in (I use almond milk), maybe throw some yogurt in there and some chia seeds and you’re golden. You can make it what ever you want! I top mins with strawberries, blueberries, chopped almonds, and more chia seeds. Honestly, most of the time I just use what ever is in my kitchen at the time, but have fun and make it what you want!

I hope these two little things help you mix up your breakfast a little more this upcoming week!