Being the Big Little Sister

I am very lucky to have two big sisters who I’m great friends with now that I’m older, but it wasn’t always like that for me. I have a 26 year old half-sister and a 21 year old full sister, but I’m very very close with my full sister. Since we are only a year and a half apart in age, our lives growing up were definitely interesting. I’m much bigger than my older sister in height and in size so everyone always thought I was older. I also have a big more maturity than her but I guess that’s a matter of opinion ; )

When we were younger, we fought like no other sister fought as little kids. We absolutely hated each other. We had nothing in common, we literally don’t even look the same, and it was just hard for us to like each other growing up. Once I went off to college, my sister and I became very close. My sister had stayed home for college so this was the first time we had been apart our whole lives, and honestly, it couldn’t have been better for us.

My sister suffers from very bad anxiety and depression and I don’t think I understood what she really went through until I left her. There were times when we lived together where she would come into my room just to be around me or should would come in crying uncontrollably and no one really understood ow to deal with it or wanted to deal with it. In the moment, it was really annoying to me because I always wanted to be by myself or I didn’t understand why she was getting so upset over stupid things.

When I went to college, I met lots of people who suffer from anxiety and depression and herd about their experience and it finally clicked for me. It made me feel so horrible for not “getting it”. I felt like such a bad sister for not being there for her more and I appreciate her so much more now because she made it through her hard times and is still here with me today. Now, I appreciate every time I see her. every phone call we have, and every time we look back on our crazy past.

I always saw myself as her “big, little sister” because she’s always come to me and learned from my mistakes, but also because I’m still the one picking her up in all our pictures together.