Why a Healthy Lifestyle is Addicting

Growing up, I can’t say my parents made the healthiest choices for our family. I look back on what I ate growing up and it was a lot of fast food on the go and quick meals in the kitchen that were always very delicious, but lacked the benefits of a healthy meal. I never really thought about this till I stopped playing sports because once that stopped, the bad eating habits started to catch up to me. I tried to keep up with working out as much as I could, but I finally became conscious of what it took to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.

When I left for college, this became even more of a reality check. I had to make all these healthy choices on my own and figure out what was right for my lifestyle when there was so much crap for me to eat and so little time for me to think about the consequences of eating it all the time. I really gave into the freshman 15 once I started dating John so this year, it was time for a change.

I tried out all kinds of different healthy recipes and started finding all these new ways to stay active and mix up my workouts and I fell in love with it! I got plenty of sleep at night and would wake up early just to feel refreshed and eat a good breakfast. It made me so much happier. I found the drive to stick to it and not only did I feel happier and healthier, I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment that I had quit my junk food habits.

To this day, I really try my best to stick to a healthy eating plan, but I cheat. I love milkshakes and wine way to much to give those up for more than a week, but fast food just makes me feel sick. I still get my cravings for a good cheeseburger (I live across the street from a McDonald’s) but most of the time I keep it under control because I LOVE TO FEEL HEALTHY.

If you want to start transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, get goals and make small ones at first and reward yourself afterwards. For example, if you go two weeks without snacking on junk, you can go out and buy yourself a new dress. Don’t reward yourself with junk food because what’s the point of that? Put reminders around you and keep your goals always in your mind. There are so many ways to stay acocuntable, but honestly once you start, you won’t want to stop. I promise.