My Beach Day Essentials

If you’ve read some of my other blog posts, you know that I’m a total beach babe! (I’m convinced salt water flows through my veins, but it’s fine) I head to the beach as much as I possibly can during the year and whether I’m headed for the day or 3 weeks, these are must-haves for a great beach day!

I know when you first look at it, it can seem like a ton of stuff, but honestly, thats usually how it goes with me (ask my boyfriend how much crap I pack to come visit him for the weekend… yikes) but once it’s all in the beach bag and on your body, it’s really not a lot.

1. Beach Bag

First, lets talk about this beach bag… omg this beach bag… this bag is my ride or die and I’ve been obsessed with it since I was like 16. I saw these in a store in Virginia way back when and I thought they were amazing. They’re Called Sea Bags and they’re made from recycled sailboat sails and rope. They are so durable, as you can see mine has seen some better days, but they’re simple, beautiful, and functional. This is a customized one that my mom got for me for christmas two years ago, but they have all different shapes and sizes. They even do more than just beach bags and you can see them all at This bag is a large size bag with a zipper and its the perfect size to fit all the stuff in the top photo. I usually pack way more than that in it because I like to be over prepared and they’re machine washable!!

2. Towel

We all know we need a good beach towel for the beach… I mean that is a definite must-have, but there are certain things that make a good towel. First, it has to be soft. I get in the ocean a lot at the beach and I lay on my towel to tan my back and I want it to feel soft and amazing. I also love my towels to be ginormous! I don’t want to worry if my whole body is going to fit on the towel or not so I buy HUGE ones that even work for my 6’6” boyfriend. Beach towels also have to be super cute and fun because lets be honest, your beach towel pattern choice says a lot about you, so why not get something you love?

3. “Blanket”

This is another “towel” I have been taking to the beach a ton recently. This is a towel from Sand Cloud, which some of you may have herd of. I used to be an ambassador for the company and I left because I felt like they over advertised and were more about bring in customers to sell product, than driven by the concept that they donate to help marine life. Regardless, I have some of their products, which are really great. This towel is kind of small, but I use it to cover my face when I lay down in my chair or to cover certain parts of me after they get burnt so I can still lay out and tan (this tends to be a regular occurrence for me) Its so so cute and part of the money does go to a great cause! There’s tons of ambassadors out there so look for their discount codes before you buy because their stuff is sort of expensive, but it’s quality stuff and the discount codes will save you 25%!

4. Cover-Up

Next is the beach cover-up. Now, if we’re being honest, about 60% of the time I wear a t shirt down to the beach and that’s it and sometimes I don’t even bother with that, but a beach coverup is essential, especially if you have to walk or drive to the beach. This way you have something on, without fully putting on clothes (because honestly who wants to do that?) As you can see this beach coverup is sea through (see what I did there?) so it’s super lightweight and easy to throw on. Most of the time I roll up the sleeves too and head on my way! I love that it’s white because that’s super beachy to me and shows off my tan and if it gets dirty, I just bleach it and its back to brand new!

5. Sunscreen

If you aren’t bringing sunscreen to the beach, you are not up with the times because skin caner is SO REAL these days and we all know it! These are three of my favorite brands of sunscreen and I usually keep all three of these different SPF’s in my bag because some parts of me burn a lot faster than others so I like to have my options (like I said, always over-prepared). The first brand is Banana Boat. This is such a classic. This is what I wear if I’m going to be getting in the water a lot or playing volleyball or football on the beach because it will stay on the longest so you don’t have to worry about reapplying so much. The next brand is Neutrogena and honestly, this stuff just smells amazing. If they made regular lotion that smelt like this I would wear it everyday. It does it’s job at protecting, but it smells like a hug from summer time (honestly I smelt it for like 10 minutes and it just smells like summer to me I don’t know how else to describe it) Last, but not least is Hawaiian Tropic. This is the one I love for those lower SPF’s when I start to get tan( which is right around now. WOOOOO!!) I put this on my legs and it helps enhance your tan, but it is also very moisturizing to the skin. If you like the smell of sunscreen, this one also smells good, but it smells like sunscreen and pina coladas.

6. Flip Flops

I apologize for how worn in my shoes are, but these are the best flip flops on the planet. I’m sure by now most of you have herd of Rainbow flip flops. They’re been around for years and they’re super trendy right now and I’m not complaining. These shoes hold up like no other and they match everything. Once you break them in, they’re tailored to your feet forever and they have a lifetime warranty if anything with the shoe defects. I’ve had mine for almost three years now and they’re still going strong. I wear them to the beach everyday and they hold up great if you get them wet, just don’t get them soaked because they get worn down faster.

7. Hat

I do not head to the beach without a hat. I know there are lots of girls out there who just aren’t hat people and that’s fine! I just happen to be one who LOVES baseball hats. I have a very large amount of them, but this is one of my favorites. It says bad hair day on the front and has this super cute band on the back and I absolutely adore it for any lazy-day outfit. I take it to the beach mainly so my face doesn’t get as much sun because this girl will never get wrinkles…. ever!!! Plus, it’s helpful if you don’t constantly feel like wearing sunglasses. This hat is from Francesca’s, but there are also tone of cute ones on Etsy that I love as well! I know the big sun hats are super cute for the beach too, but I personally don’t buy them because I think they’re more for aesthetic than staying on your head and I need mine strapped on while I’m kicking butt at corn hole!

8. Book

A good read is always a must have at the beach for me. Elin Hilderbrand is one of my favorite authors. I have read so so many of her books. If you like drama and love stories, her books will be great for you. They all take place on Nantucket Island and they all have great story lines, but they don’t interconnect so you can read which ever ones you like to start. One of my favorites of hers is The Island. These are also great summer reads because almost all the stories take place in the summer time so it gets you in that summer mood. I would read more of them, but I am a super slow reader so I usually only finish about two books every summer… I also love to read magazines when I’m on the beach too for outfit or food inspo or things to talk about on here too!! One of my favorites is Southern Living, but apparently that’s just me who loves that magazine (oops)

9. Insulated Water Bottle

Last, I always bring a quality water bottle to stay hydrated! So many people forget how dehydrated you can get spending a few hours at the beach, especially if you’re drinking something other than water (the water of wisdom as I like to call it ; )) Insulated water bottles will keep it cold, and handy for you to drink throughout the day. This is a cheap knock off one my mom gave to me, but I have one called an Ozark Trail that I bought form Walmart for $10 and it works better than a Yeti if you’re trying to stay classy on a budget!

And that is all for my beach day essentials! I know it seems like a lot to haul to the beach, but once it’s in the beach bag, it’s really not much at all and you’ll be glad it’s by your side for you to relax and enjoy your beach trip, whether it be a day long or a lifetime long. Let me know you’re essentials in the comments down below and feel free to comment any questions you have about any of the stuff pictured above too! Can’t wait to hear from you guys!