Fall Lookbook

With the weather cooling down and pumpkin spice popping up everywhere, it’s hard not to think about big scarves, flannels, and riding boots. Fall fashion is one of my favorites; mainly because you don’t ever have to workout and eat right to get your fall “sweater bod”. It’s the time of year you can indulge yourself in mounds of hot apple cider and pumpkin pie, and love every second of it. Here are some of my go-to outfits for the cool fall weather coming our way.

The Fall Classic

Of course we have to start with a good old fashion fall look. Flannels always work great under vests for cooler days spent outdoors. It’s thick enough to keep you warm, but not as thick as a jacket. I love to pair this with a pair of sleek dark jeans. These are my ride or die skinny jeans from American Eagle that I LIVE for. To finish off the outfit, I’ll put on a cute pair of boots. I love these caramel booties from Francesca’s, but I wear this outfit with knee high riding boots, or even duck boots if I’m going to be outside and want my feet to stay warm.

Sunday Brunch

This is a great outfit if you have an occasion where you want to get dressed up, but it’s not a “dressey” occasion. I love to wear outfits like this to Sunday brunch or on a casual dinner date. I think it’s super versatile and can work for a ton of different occasions. I paired this big fluffy vest with a flirty, lightweight blouse so you don’t get super hot if you’re wearing this indoors for extended periods of time. I kept it simple with the jeans because I didn’t want the outfit to feel too busy; I wanted to keep it sleek and classy. For shoes, I chose some cute bootie heels for a flirty finished look. I also think this would be great with dark brown boots or regular heels.

On The Go

This is an easy fall outfit if you want to throw something together fast and still give off those pumpkin spice vibes. The bones of this outfit are a plain brown shirt with ripped jeans and riding boots. All I did was add this long, army green jacket and a big blanket scarf. It’s a really good example of how you can make or break an outfit with accessories. The best part about this outfit is you can add a different scarf or jacket or boots and wear it again the next week. It’s super simple, but still a whole new look.

Keep it Casual

This is another great option for keeping it simple. For me, it’s one of those “day-to-night” outfits that makes my life so much easier. The long, wool sweater is such a classic piece that adds a little extra something to a boring, everyday outfit. I also love that I can change the jewelry on this outfit, and transform it completely. In this picture, I had on a long, beaded wrap bracelet and a pendant necklace (that got lost in my shirt in this picture). I could easily switch it to some hoop earrings and a choker and “glam” it up more. Some times you have to remember keeping it simple isn’t such a bad idea.

Girls Night Out

I love when fall rolls around because I love to wear my thigh high boots! I got these form ALDO last winter after months of looking for the perfect pair, and you best believe I found them. They’re the perfect combination of sleek and sexy and I live for them. For my fall “going out” outfits, I love to mix dresses and thigh high boots (mainly for warmth). I took a simple black dress and added this HUGE blanket scarf to it as a wrap to add some color and dimension. I also layered some thin, long necklaces to add some glam, because you always need some glam when you’re heading out with your girlfriends.

This is just a small taste of what’s to come in the fall. Theres so many sweaters, boots, and hats I can’t wait to break out of my closet; and of course we can’t forget the brown smokey eye looks coming! Let me know what outfits are your favorite or what your favorite fall pieces are! Don’t forget any of these outfits can be accessorized by a fabulous pumpkin spice latte (which I actually don’t like… sorry guys).