Valentines Day Look Book

With Valentines day coming up, I figured we all have mixed feelings about the holiday. For some people, this holiday is a day to share the love you have for your significant other. For others, it is a forgotten day filled with work, to-do lists, and life’s obligations. Regardless of if you have a significant other or not, I want to give you some ideas on how to make the most of February 14th and some adorable looks to wear for the occasion.

Let’s start with the best way to celebrate Valentines day, with your girlfriends! Galentines day is so popular now and I’m all about it. I really don’t understand why there isn’t another day of the year when you show your friends how much you love and appreciate them, so what better a day than Valentines day?! Get your girlfriends together for a casual brunch, wine and cheese night, or just a fun dinner. It wouldn’t hurt either to get them all little gifts; maybe a card, some cute valentines socks, and some chocolate. Who wouldn’t love that?

Your girlfriends love you ugly crying in your sweat pants and they love having you do their makeup, so keep it casual. We all love to get a little dressed up so I found the perfect wrap dress for the occasion from American Eagle. The red keeps it in the spirit of love, but the pattern and fit keep it casual and fun. You could also throw a jacket over this to keep warm since it’s still freezing outside now a days. I’m wearing an XL for some added length, but the wrap of the dress allowed me to pull it into my waist more. My necklace is also from Forever 21 and the wine is from my kitchen.

The next way to you could spend the day of love is with the one you love; the classic Valentines day night out. My advice for this is always book ahead. And don’t rely on your man to make the plans! You are a grown woman you can plan the date you want to go on. That way you can guarantee you’ll like where you’re going and you’ll be better prepared for what to wear. Your valentines day date shouldn’t be about surprises or fancy gifts or expensive meals. It should be about spending time with the one you love and celebrating the love you have for one another.

If I’m being honest, John and I will probably end up going to one of those places where you can bowl and eat dinner and I will not end up looking this nice, but it’s something we both will love and honestly I want to beat him at bowling.

This dress… omg this dress makes me swoon! It is so stylish and comfortable, super sexy, and it’s from Alter’d State. It has slits in the bottom to show a little leg as you walk, but it also has a nice v neck to show off some cleavage. This dress isn’t a wrap dress, but it is very stretchy and fits true to size. It will work perfect for the fancy dinner date out. It even has a hint of red in the stripes to hint at the valentines day theme. You could also switch out the heels for some short black booties to keep your toes warm when you go out. Keep it simple with a little clutch bag and some cute earrings and enjoy your night out. You deserve it.

The last kind of date on Valentines day is the best kind of date. It’s a date with yourself. Like I said in the beginning, Valentines day doesn’t have to be spent with people (who likes people these days?). It can be spent with yourself practicing some self love. I think we all forget that self love is the most important kind of love to practice. You can’t expect someone else to love you if you can’t love yourself. So enjoy your evening watching your favorite movie, doing a face mask, curled up in pajamas with a glass of wine (and with a puppy or kitty if you have one) and enjoy. Life is hard and days are hard and we have to remember that there’s always time for yourself, even if it’s just one day a year.

Finn loves to lay on the bed so he was less than enthused when I wanted to interrupt his napping to take this photo. I threw on my absolute favorite Lululemon joggers and the best Arie sweatshirt (which is always linked in my favorites, but I will link it here again). The maroon color keeps you from noticing if you spill wine on yourself and keeps you warm and cozy with the fleece inside. I’m wearing a size medium in the top; these fit big so I would size down. The pants are a size 12 for a little extra baggy fit. I normally wear a 10 at Lululemon.

Whatever you end up doing this Valentines day, I hope it fills your day with love and happiness. I hope you not only feel love on Valentines day, but every day and I hope you share that love out into the world. And I also hope you buy some of these cute outfits and share them with me if you wear them! @clarissa_fuller5

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