Blue Light Glasses Review

You probably have seen blue light glasses at this point in your life. If not, don’t feel bad; they’re the new kid on the block and they are taking the block by storm. The main purpose of these glasses is to help block harmful blue light that comes from our computers and phones. Blue light glasses were something that have kept popping up on my instagram feed for quite some time, and are being sold by many glasses retailers now. They come in all sorts of cute frames that you can even add your prescription to, but at a hefty price.

Solely out of curiosity, I bought a pair I found on Amazon to see if these bad boys were worth the hype. I work on my computer everyday for school and the blog or just to look on Pinterest. The last time I went into the eye doctor, they said my eyes were becoming chronically dry because of how much I stare at my phone and my laptop. When you are looking at a screen, you won’t blink as much as you normally would, which can cause the film on your eyes to evaporate quickly and give you dry eye. I know the obvious solution for this would be to not look at them so much, but we all have stuff to do and technology is a part of our lives at this point (it’s not going away whether we like it or not).

Now, I was not about to pay $80 for some glasses that blocked blue light (I know a rip off when I see one), so I decided to do what anyone else would do, I headed to Amazon. Amazon had tons of options and all for under $20 (more my price range). I decided to try the ones that popped up first because they were tortoise, which is my favorite. They also have styles that are more modern, hipster, and some that are unisex.

When they first arrived, I could tell they were kind of cheap. The frames are plastic and the sides creek when you open up the glasses to put them on, but for $17 they’re fine by me.

The glasses to have a blue tinge to them that you can see in the photos. You can see that in the day light when you wear them so I would not recommend these are your everyday glasses, but it’s not distracting when you’re wearing them.

After having and using the glasses for a month, I do see a difference in the way they make my eyes feel. Yes I still have dry eyes, but I noticed how much easier it was to read papers on my laptop, how much longer I could do work without feeling like I needed to take a break, and how hard it was to remember to put the damn glasses on. After trying them out and really thinking about them for a while, these were my major takeaways from these glasses…

1. The expensive ones might be worth a try

For $17, I felt like I got $17 results. I saw changes, I like them a lot, but I don’t think the change was super significant. I’m extremely curious is a more expensive pair would give me similar results so this may have more to come in a month or so….

2. These are a game changer for a different generation

My mother works in a job where she sits and looks at a computer ALL DAY and she wears glasses anyways, so why wouldn’t she spend the money and get a pair of prescription blue light glasses? For people like that, I think these would be a game changer. I don’t always stare at my laptop and I don’t wear the glasses when I’m on my phone, so I think they would get more obvious results.

3. I didn’t realize I was affected by this

After wearing the glasses, I saw how the light from my phone and laptop was affecting me, and I’m really glad someone created these to help us out because, like I said, these screens are not going anywhere.

Overall, I recommend this pair and you can click any of the pictures about to get the link to them and shop them. Do you need them? No, but are they pretty cool? Yea they are