Amazon Clothing Review

This idea came out of my laziness, I really hate going to the mall. The mall I like is 30 minutes away from my apartment and it takes a long time to go through each store and try clothes on, so I usually skip this for online shopping. Online shopping is easy for me because I can find what I want quickly and get it shipped right to me, but that’s not always the best solution when I need something quickly. Amazon does Prime shipping on the majority of their clothing items so I wanted to see if this would be a good fix for all my ladies out there who are just as lazy as I am!

I’m lucky that my apartment building also has an Amazon store attached, so getting clothes from Amazon literally took a day. I ordered 5 pieces all varying in price. I tried to keep them under $30, but I splurged for a pair of Levi’s jeans because they cost about the same as what I pay for my jeans from American Eagle (which I swear by) and I wanted to see if they compared.

The first thing I ordered was a stripped and floral sundress with off the shoulder sleeves. This was the worst of my options because the thing didn’t even fit. It was $17.99 and the sizing chart said I should order a large. It did fit over my body, but it was totally unflattering and the material was really thin and cheap feeling, so I scratched that whole piece.

The first outfit I really love is this cheetah print look. This long cardigan is so soft and comfy! It works great for dressing up or dressing down and goes great with the Levi’s jeans I tried out. The sweater does run a bit big. I normally wear a large and this felt oversized to me, but it still worked fine. It also has an unfinished seam along the sides of the cardigan and I didn’t like that look. The jeans are so soft! They are so cute and they’re the perfect wash for spring and summer. They have a small amount of distress on them and they are the perfect length to wear with heels. The reviews said to size up because they run small so I got a 31 over my normal 30 and they were perfect! These may have given my AE jeans a run for their money.
Cardigan: $27.99
Jeans: $40.99

The next piece was this teal dress with a front tie. This dress was a 50/50 for me. The color was beautiful and the material was thick and stretchy, but the fit was somewhat strange. The dress is cut very straight so if you have curves, this dress may give you some complications. There was not a lot of length, even with the large, so it got even shorter when it had to go over my butt. I tried tying the tie in the back as well, this made the dress EVEN SHORTER and it was just really unflattering on me. I bought a large and would say it’s true to size. I would recommend this dress for someone like my sister who is a little skinny mini. If you’re a small or medium and have some big curves, this dress will not work for you, so my curvy girls, stick to something else.
Dress: $22.99

The final piece was this navy, polka dot dress. This dress gave me life when I saw it on Amazon. I loved it so much I had to have it. I got a large again, which I thought would be too big based on the sizing chart and it was very snug. I could fit in it and move, but not move too much without fear I was going to rip a seam. It didn’t seem like a very sturdy dress, so I would recommend sizing up just for a little extra room to move. Fun fact: I almost busted the seam in the back trying to put my heels on with it. The ruffles give it that fun, flirty look, and the polka dots are going to be a huge trend this spring so this dress would work great. Also, be wary of the underside of the waist ruffle is almost white, so when it flips up, it looks strange. Regardless of these things, you will totally be catching me in this dress soon.
Dress: $22.99

Overall, I would say Amazon should be a last resort for clothes. I found some good stuff, but the sizing is very strange, especially if you’re a curvy girl. Amazon has a really wide variety of designer and luxury pieces as well, but for someone like me, I’m not looking to spend a lot of money, so it’s a hit or miss. I may just make the trek to the mall still, but I’m definitely going to buy more Levi’s from now on!