Spring Break Bikini Guide

Spring break is so close I’m losing all motivation to do anything! I also am having a slight panic that my college career will be over in about 11 weeks (WHAT!?!?) and summer will be here so I wanted to round up some amazing and affordable bathing suits y’all could still grab before your spring break getaways! I don’t believe in buying quality bathing suits because I’m an ocean fanatic. I body surf and paddle board and love to spend some good time in the water so my bathing suits always seem to wear pretty quickly, even when I pay good money for them. Plus, bikini styles change every year and I think we all love to get some fresh bikinis for the new season. That being said, I do have some bikinis in this line up from last year that have held up super awesome and some new ones. All of them are still available for purchase and you can shop any of them by clicking on the photos!

The first suit is from Cupshe and it’s $30. I have been buying bathing suits from this site since high school when it was super sketchy and took 2 months to ship to your house from another country. Now, it took me a week to get this bathing suit and their sffite is totally secure and amazing. Their bathing suits are actually very good quality. I have never had a bathing suit from them that I didn’t like, but YOU MUST PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIZING!! I cannot emphasize this enough. Each bathing suit has its own sizing guides so make sure to check them and actually take your measurements, don’t guess. I have ordered many wrong sizes before, but also they only let you order bikinis in one size, so the top and bottom have to be the same size. Just pay attention to that and you should be fine.

This bikini is a super cute and comfy creamsicle one piece that I just died over. I love the little bow detail on the side. This doesn’t actually hold the bikini together so it won’t come undone if you want to wear this to actually go in the ocean and the white is not see through if you get it wet. I tested this in my shower just incase to be safe. This suit looks great with or without a dark tan and will be great for a fun spring break look. It runs slightly small if you have a longer torso so mine is a bit tight, but I stuck to my true size of a large, but I think it will have more give once it get’s wet at the beach.

The next suit is a 2 piece bikini with a sports bra like top and “high waisted” bottoms also from Cupshe. The bottoms are not a true high waist. They come up higher than an average bikini, but not to your waist and the top drops lower than a normal top so this one is kind of strange, but I really like to wear this for things like surfing, paddle boarding, boogie boarding, or just swimming in general because this baby is not going anywhere. It has a really cute stripped pattern on it and is very boho. I paired it with a lightweight cover up for that real boho vibe. This bikini runs large for sure so I would say size down. Also, if you have a smaller chest, the top may be too big. My top is too big, but I just don’t fill it out, it still fits though. If you’re super tiny, I would stay away from this suit. Also, did I mention it’s only $25 for the set?!

This swimsuit is a so classic and I adore it! I think red is so in right now, it’s going to be my hot summer color! Fun fact: I didn’t own a single thing that was red before coming to The University of Maryland and now I love it. This suit is from Aerie by American Eagle and it comes in a mix and match set. The top is a push up top and comes in bra sizes. I don’t own a bra from Aerie so I just went with my normal size from Victoria’s Secret 34C and the top fit perfect. The bottoms are a dream for girls like me. I am not skinny mini by any means so I love a good high waisted legging or jean because, honestly, I love to tuck my chub in and thats exactly what you can do in this bikini. It hides everything you want, but still lets you have that flirty, sexiness of a bikini and it makes me feel super confident. They also fit true to size and they have a wide size range (this always makes my heart happy) so I am wearing a large in the bottoms. Aerie bathing suits are always on sale, plus there are always coupons you can use online as well. For this set, I got the top for $14.98 and the bottoms for $12.98 with a sale and a coupon from Honey. I would say just make sure they’re having a sale, because full price, there are expensive.

This bikini is also from Aerie and I got it for the exact same prices as the other one. This is also the exact same bottoms, but in a different pattern to match the top. I love this bandeau look. I think it’s very flattering and I love a good strapless bikini to help with weird tan lines. It also does come with straps incase you need some added support because this could definitely be problematic for my big chested babes.I got a large in the top and bottom and I think they both fit me perfectly and those are my normal sizes. These colors would also look great on any skin tones and I think this look is so adorable. I’m just obsessed and can’t wait to rock this with a really dark spray tan (believe it or not I have a fake tan in this pic, yes that’s how pale I am).

This bikini is a splurge without a sale. Full price, this bikini is $54, which is crazy to me. I got it 30% off last year which made it $38, which was much more reasonable to me, but it is a really great bikini. I have a major major major obsession with pineapples so this bikini spoke to my soul and this year Pink Lily boutique brought it back, which was amazing! The little cut out is so cute and makes the bikini a little extra special. It also is super comfy and stays up really well if you want to wear it in the ocean. I will admit this bikini washes you out horribly if you don’t have any color to your skin, but even a little color goes a long way (as obvious in this photo of me). One pieces are so in now, I think this would be a great bikini for spring break, even if you’re super small. This bikini is a little big, but I got my true size of a large and feel great in it so I would say only size down if you want it very snug.

All of these bikini’s will ship to you in about a week so if you order them now, they will definitely get to you on time with the standard shipping. They also all are really great quality and very affordable. Even if you need some bikinis for summer, these are some great ones to start off your collection. I know I will definitely be wearing these into August this year.

I also want to say that you can wear a bikini or any bathing suit at any size. It was hard for me to feel confident enough to order these bathing suits and to want to share pictures of me in them with you guys, but I did it because I love seeing people who look like me rocking cute bikinis and clothes because they look amazing! I wanted to share bikinis for any size, shape, skin tone, or anything. I hope this inspires you to rock that bikini bod this year, whatever that looks like on you.