Southern Living Recipe Review

Skillet Enchiladas Suizas

This recipe picture really is a testament to the way I cook. It’s not pretty, it’s messy, and all over the place, but I love it. I picked this recipe out of a Southern Living because I swear by my cast iron skillet. I have a small one and a large one and they make a my world go round. Your cooking game changes when you invest in a cast iron skillet and my life would not be the same without one.

I also ADORE Mexican food. I actually love latin food in general, but I eat Mexican cuisine at least once a week and enchiladas is my favorite dish, so it was natural I would lean towards this recipe.

Because I cook Mexican food so much, this recipe didn’t require me to get much I didn’t have. Plus it seemed like there were some easy things to substitute in this recipe. For example, I used unflavored green yogurt instead of crema or sour cream and I got floour tortillas instead of corn. I also bought salsa verde instead of tomatillo salsa (same thing different names).

The recipe doesn’t tell you this, but get all of your ingredients prepared before you start. I didn’t drain the tomatoes or rip up the tortillas before I started and it made me overcook my onions a bit (I also spent a solid 3 minutes trying to open my salsa can, which was also a struggle).

Once everything is ready, you basically sweat the onions first on the stove in the cast iron skilled, add in some garlic and cumin and then pour in the tomatoes and salsa to let it reduce. Then you add in your chicken, tortillas, greek yogurt, and cheese, and hope it doesn’t overflow. Then you top it with cheese and pop it under the broiler for a little and BOOM your done!

When it comes out of the oven it honestly looks like a deep dish pizza until you top it with some avocado, but it was a solid recipe! It took me under 30 minutes to prepared and cook, which is a must in my kitchen during the week. It also had a lot of flavor to it and was a nice change up from my normal Mexican food.

Although this did work out great, I don’t think I’ll be making it again. It was really heavy because everything is coated in cheese and cream and tortillas and it just was not a great texture to me. I really like crunch in my dishes and this was just a lot of mush. It also was really hard to mix once I got the chicken and tortillas in there and I think I didn’t disperse everything well and there were chunks of tortillas and some parts that were basically just tomatoes. John really liked it and I did eat a whole big bowl of this, but I like my classic enchiladas better. They can get crispy edges and they’re not as heavy as this.

Dish: 5/10

Easiness to make: 10/10

Recipe: 9/10

Heathy: 7/10

Will make again: 2/10