Amazon Prime Day!

Before you go shopping Amazon Prime day, there are some things you’ll need to know!

Fist and foremost, this day is actually 48 hours so you will have 2 full days of deals. Second, this is not the kind of sale where you can think about your purchases. The deals change and may only be for one of the 2 days (some of the sales are only for a few hours).

Amazon has been dropping hints about what will be on sale, but they’ve been trying to keep the deals a secret, who knows why… Everything has a chance of going on sale, but last minute deals are always possible. Even though there’s almost 50 items on my list, they all might not be on sale when you go to shop, so keep that in mind.

You must have Amazon Prime in order to shop the sale, so if you don’t, you won’t get the deals. If you do, you can check out some deals and watch them by typing “sneak peak” into the search bar on the Amazon mobile app.

If you shop at Whole Foods, you can scan your QR code when you go grocery shopping and if you buy $10 of groceries, Amazon will give you $10 to spend on Prime day! You can’t get more than $10, but free money is free money!

That’s really all you need to know! Always remember, never buy more than you need and buy responsibly.

Click the pictures to shop!



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