Moving Plans 101

As a new month approaches, the worst thing on Earth is approaching…. the thing we all hate the most…. the epitome of my existence, and no I’m not talking about a bikini wax, I’m talking about moving. Moving, in my opinion, is the absolute worst. I have moved every year since 2015, since this is the year I came to college. I have moved from my family home to my dorm to an apartment to a different apartment building to a different apartment in the same building and now off to a new city in my first townhome.

Yes, I know it is very exciting to be moving on to this new chapter of my life, but ITS FREAKIN STRESSFUL! I have a new job, I’m moving to a new town, I’m moving into a space 3 TIMES as large as what I live in now and I don’t even own a mattress, let alone a couch! I have approximately 7 hours to move all my crap 45 minutes away with 2 SUV’s and 2 people…. No I’m not stressed….

OF COURSE I”M STRESSED! But believe it or not I am prepared. If you know me, you know I’m very organized. I feel like sometime I have nothing planned and sometimes it just works out and I pretend and say YeS I wAS ToTALLy prePaReD fOr THat. For this particular event I have a plan and it, not only is going to save me money when I move, it will also save me some headaches.

1. Pack with a Purpose

The first thing to prepare for when moving is to make sure you stay organized. If you keep track of your stuff, you will do much better than most. Pack it by room or by something you understand. I currently live in one room so the whole room thing wouldn’t work so great for me. I would sort by dishes and glassware or kitchen things. I also would pack electronics together or bathroom products. Keep things together that make sense and be prepared to not fill boxes. If there is extra space in a box, fill it with newspaper and keep it organized. Don’t throw some random dos stuff in just because it fits. You will thank me later.

2. Start packing beforehand

Pack up little by little leading up to the days you move. There are so many things you have to do on moving day that most people forget they take FOREVER. You have to clean and move the boxes and spackle the holes you made, you don’t have time to pack the stuff up too. Pack it before and leave out the bare minimum. Maybe a suitcase you would need for a two day weekend and a few dishes and nothing else. Pack it up, you will survive without it for 2 days.

3. Find boxes, don’t pay for them

There are so many places for you to get FREE moving boxes! People will have free moving boxes listed on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. There are also tons at stores! Call your local grocery store, Target, Walmart, clothing store, and just say hey! I’m moving and was wondering if you had extra boxes you could put in back for me? 75% of the time they will say yes! If you’re not up for that much social interaction, check the recycling dumpsters! They’re so clean, and they’re usually filled with boxes! Just make sure it hasn’t rained recently. No one likes soggy boxes.

4. Unpack the bare essentials on the first day

The suitcase you’ve be living out of for the last 2 days? Wash the clothes and the dishes and use it for another two days while you figure this out. Start by unpacking the most important things like frozen food and them move on to the dog raincoat and letter board. Find your laundry detergent and underwear and make it through the week. You got this!

There is no need for moving trucks, moving crews, paying for boxes, etc. All of us here are here to save some coin and move on to our next big step in life. When we make it big, we’ll pay for the hunks moving junk, but until then, this is our strategy. I hope this is helpful and make sure to check out my Instagram stories to see our live move in all its chaos.


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