How to Pack Your Pictures

I just want to start this by saying, at this point in moving, I see why people pay for moving companies…

Anyways, there are certain things that are harder to pack than others. Things can be oddly shaped or sharp or fragile and you have to pack them accordingly. The one thing I’m always concerned about is my artwork. I have tons of handmade pieces and others I’ve collected from my travels and they are my pride and joys. I know not everyone will pack up their artwork as precisely as I will, but this is still a great way to pack it all in one place and make your move much easier.

Ok, first thing’s first, you have to get it all off the wall. Since I always live in rentals, I hang my things with Command strips 75% of the time, so I just take them off slowly. Then, you should try to find a box as long as your biggest piece of artwork. I’m working with boxes I dug out of a dumpster, so they weren’t big enough for my BIG pieces of art but perfect for most of it.

Next, lay all the pieces in the box next to each other side by side with no packaging. see how much space they have between them so you can gauge how much room you have to wrap them or separate them. I recommend just having a little wiggle room between them, but probably nothing more than a half inch between each piece.

I had a little wiggle room, as you can see, they all slid over and that’s plenty of room for me to place some protection between them so they don’t get scratched or move around.

Finally, I put some protector in the box. Now, I don’t want to pay for bubble wrap or anything, so what I do is take t-shirts of mine or towels that also need packed and use them to protect my other things. For this, I took wash cloths and stuck them between each frame. Once they were all separated, I filled the empty space in the box with a big towel so they wouldn’t move around while being transported. I also wrote “artwork” on the box, so I will know that baby is one that should ride along in the front seat with me (Maybe strapped in with a seatbelt too). Better safe than sorry!

Also, if you have a letter board, don’t worry about taking all the letters out to move! Just wrap the bad boy in cling wrap and the whole thing won’t move! Super easy! (Yes I know my sign is missing a letter)

Now all of your beautiful artwork will make it to your new home safely! Stay tuned later this week for some more moving tips, and if I don’t post, you know I died from the stress of starting a new job and moving all at the same time. Let’s hope for the best!


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