My Budget Backyard

The thing I was most excited about when we moved from an apartment to a house was having our own outdoor space. We had shared outdoor spaces at our previous apartments, but I wanted a place to have dinner, bonfires, and entertain.

Our backyard is tiny, but it’s perfect for us so of course the first thing I wanted to get completed when we moved was our backyard! As usual, I was not about to drop $1000 on furnishing this space and making it cozy and fun so I found some great tricks to make this space functional without being pricey.

To start, I found that the best place to get outdoor furniture is hardware stores! I found the best deals and the best quality at The Home Depot! I also checked out Walmart, Target, Wayfair, At Home, Bed Bath and Beyond, and IKEA. The other thing I found was I was trying to furnish a backyard at a great time! There are tons of sales on outdoor furniture a lot and right now is a GREAT time to save money. All the stores are trying to move out inventory to make space for their fall and Halloween decor so you can get some great end of summer sales! I think this is great because I live in the “south” (it’s the DMV it’s not the south) so it won’t get really really cold here for another few months. Even though summer is over, I will still get lots of use out of my outdoor space for the year regardless of the mosquito infestation in my yard.

Other great times of the year for this stuff to go on sale are

-Memorial Day

-Fourth of July

-beginning of the summer season

Initially, I wanted a really big table for everyone to share at, but then I realized that was not practical. Even though we have a big deck, I didn’t want it to feel crowded. We still want to put a grill on the deck and have space to move so we opted for a 4 person table instead of 6 or 8. I also wanted to make sure there was plenty of light so I bought a light up umbrella from Amazon so it will charge on solar power and we will have lots of light at the table without having to hang things from the fence in our yard (that is our neighbors and not ours).

All of our furniture was bought from Home Depot and everything to style the table was bought from HomeGoods. I will link everything for you guys at the bottom of this post, but with coupons and some sales going on, everything pictured cost us around $300!

Overall, I’m so happy with the way it turned out! Yes it’s small, but it’s so perfect for my friends to come over or to enjoy a nice dinner outside or for me to kick their butts at KanJam! It fits well and it was super affordable! If you need styling tips on how to shop for things at HomeGoods (because sometimes it’s a train wreck) make sure to check out my Instagram stories in the coming weeks!


Side note: not everything I bought is available online and most of the deals are in store only so check your local stores for the best deals!

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