DIY Outdoor Fall and Halloween Decor

Over the last year or so, I saw that porch signs have been a real trend. Up until this year, I didn’t have a porch to decorate so per usual, I got overly excited and went all out for fall. I love me some good fall decor, but often I’m walking through a store or a craft fair and see how expensive the fall decor is, and I just think, “Well I’m too cheap to buy it so I’ll just make it!”

What I love about a DIY sign is it’s totally customizable to you. I made mine all orange, grey, and black because that’s the “theme” I went with for this fall/Halloween season, but that doesn’t mean you have to do that! You could paint on the letters instead of buying them, you could change out the background or even lay the sign down instead of doing it vertically. You guys can get so creative with this or you can just do what I did. It’s super simple and will save you from paying $60 for a sign.

Tools you will need:

-Circular saw (you can do it with a hand saw or you can get them precut at home depot to the measurements below)

-Power Drill

-Power sandpaper (you can just use 120-220 grit sandpaper as well)

Other supplies:

-Outdoor paint (I buy Rustoleum Brand)

-Wood Glue (always get Gorilla Glue)

-Painters tape

-Wood Letters

-Thick cardstock

-Wood putty

-3-inch screws

-2, 2 by 4’s (you could do this with 1 by 4’s also, but I wanted my sign pretty heavy so it wouldn’t blow away in the wind)

Step 1: Cut the wood to length

If you get 2, 2 by 4’s, you should cut them into,

-2, 10 1/2inch long pieces

-3, 4ft long pieces

Step 2: Sand

Sand down all the surfaces of the wood to give yourself a nice surface to paint and so the edges of your sign are smooth

Step 3: Paint all the pieces

Before you glue them together, you should paint all the pieces the color you choose. I spray painted mine white because the spray paint was cheap. It took about 3 cans of spray paint to give them all a good coat

Step 4: Attach pieces together

For this step, you will want to coat the insides of 2 of the 3 long pieces with wood glue. Once coated with glue, push them together to form a 2 board piece. Then, take one of the shorter pieces and place the edge about 3 inches down from the top of the long piece perpendicular, aligning the edge of the pieces to make a T. Screw in the horizontal pieces into each of the boards, while someone else holds the 2 vertical boards together. Do this again on with the other side of the board, 3 inches from the bottom.

Cover the inside edge of the remaining free piece of 4ft wood with wood glue and place on the other side of the 2 pieces that are already screwed together so it looks like you now have a full board. While someone holds all 3 pieces together, screw the final piece together through the short piece of wood.

Turn the boards onto their side and check if any wood glue got pushed out. If it did, clean it up with a wet paper towel. Allow the boards to sit and dry for at least 2 hours.

Step 5: Wood Putty the screws

Take some wood putty and place it over each of the 6 screws you inserted to keep the board together (Don’t worry if you put on too much. Don’t skimp out). Allow the wood putty to dry. Sand it down so it’s flat with the rest of your board and touch up with some paint so no one will see.


To decorate the BOO side, I made a checkered pattern with painters tape. I then sprayed gray and let it dry. Once completely dry, I covered the preexisting checkered pattern with tape to create a new checkered pattern (Just cover the lines that have painted squares). Then I prayed the second checkered pattern black. When you peel it off, you get a funky checkered board.

For the other side, I tried cutting a leaf stencil out of wax paper so it wouldn’t stick to the board (normal paper will when you paint over it). It was too flimsy, so I cut it out of a coupon we got in the mail and it worked much better. Just make sure you don’t lay it over any wet paint and weigh it down so you get a nice, clean image. You could also use this method to get letters on your board, but I wanted 3D ones so my board would pop.

Finally, I got my wood letters. I ordered the FALL ones from AMAZON and got the BOO from Home Depot. Michaels also has a great selection of letters also if you’re looking for 3D ones. They were all about $3 apiece.

We spray painted the letters and once they were dry, glued them on with wood glue, one side at a time. Once the one side was dry, we flipped the board over and did the other side.

THAT’S IT! It was a multiday process because we had to let paint and glue dry and all the things, but honestly, it wasn’t hard at all. It is quite heavy so it won’t blow away and it’s exactly what I wanted. I got to do it perfectly for my aesthetic and it saved me money in the end.

All in all, this sign cost me about $25, but I had a lot of the tools and supplies already. Pretty much all of the cost was in the wood and letters for me because I had everything else. Like I said earlier, you don’t need everything to do this project. You can customize, get creative, and make it your own. I will definitely be making another one for the winter/Christmas season. I hope you guys make one yourself too!


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