Affordable Fall and Halloween Decor

I know a lot of people love the start of the holiday season aka Halloween, but also lots of you guys told me you skip out on the Halloween decor because it’s too tedious to decorate for fall, then Halloween, and then fall again for thanksgiving. Today I wanted to show you guys how you can mix in your Halloween decor into your fall and easily remove it without spending lots of money or time doing this!

Honestly, I love Halloween. I have this weird spooky side, which is so odd because I am afraid of literally everything (can’t even watch the Harry Potter movies) but I love The Addam’s Family and witches; it’s really quite the balance. To make sure I stay in the fall spirit, but get my fair dose of Halloween, I mix in my decor and find good stuff cheap.


I got lots of good decor to mix in at Walmart this year. I usually don’t like the cheap, cheesy stuff, but if you can do it well, then I say go for it. This year I decided to stick to a color scheme (bright orange, black, and white) that helped me incorporate Halloween decor without making it look tacky.

From Walmart, I got the “do not enter” tape for our door, the skeleton hand coming out of my small mum, and the spides and spider web. All of it was less than $15 together.


Target was great to pick up some small stuff, I also love all of the fun decor they make like Halloween telephones and talking heads, but those can be a bit pricey. I tend to stick to the dollar section in the front of the store. You’ll find great, cheap pieces that look really nice and just add a little something extra to your house.

From Target, I got the pumpkins on a string under my mantel for $3, the plaid small pumpkins I placed around my home for $3 apiece, and the Trick or Treat basket for $10.

Sidebar: I didn’t grow up in a neighborhood so I never got to pass out candy to anyone, so I am very excited to do that for the first time in my life this year and it’s the only reason I bought the trick or treat basket.


If you don’t get coupons from Michaels, what are you doing?! They’re coupons make their stuff so cheap it’s insane! They will have great doorbuster deals and you can usually find a coupon to take an extra 20% off your purchase. They’re great for fall florals like the ones on my mantel and in my fall vase, but also for little knick nacks that you can toss in to add some Halloween spirit and just easily remove after it’s over.

Other Places to Shop


Amazon is a great option to get lots of pumpkins. They have big bags of small pumpkins for cheap, but also you can find lots of great stuff in their Holiday decor tab. Plus it gets to you fast if you’re last minute which is awesome!

-The Dollar Store

I got a few things from here this year, but their selection varies based on your area. It’s always worth stopping in and taking a peak to grab some things for only a dollar.

-Hobby Lobby

Sadly I don’t have a Hobby Lobby near me, but they also do lots of great deals and coupons on their decor. Very similar to Michaels.

-At Home

I saw another blogger go to At Home and get some skeletons and giant spiders for her house. They have some cool pieces if you want some larger items.

Even if you don’t like Haloween, I hope you guys can use this to find some great fall decor that doesn’t break the bank. Sometimes decorating can get really out of hand and we can spend way too much money on things we use for two months out of the year. And don’t forget to check out my old post on how I made my BOO sign for my porch!


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