Rethinking Your Wardrobe with Wanderlust Wardrobe Consulting

I have to admit, I have quite the collection of clothes. I lack jeans because my thunder thighs keep busting them at the seams, but otherwise, I have a ton of clothes! We’ve all had that feeling when we look in the closet and say, “I have nothing to wear.” Sometimes it’s hard to rethink the clothes we already have because we’ve stared at them hanging in the closet for so long. Why not have another set of eyes look at them?

One of my girlfriends from college, Lucy, recently introduced me to wardrobe consulting! I never thought it made sense for me to admit that I don’t know how to put outfits together, but having Lucy help me rethink my closet has CHANGED THE GAME PEOPLE!

Lucy is the founder of Wanderlust Wardrobe Consulting, which is a SUPER affordable wardrobe consulting service for both men and women. I went through a preliminary consultation with Lucy on FaceTime to create 3 looks and to see how functional my closet already is! We all are much too quick to jump to buying new clothes before seeing how much potential we already have in our closet and Wanderlust Wardrobe is here to help people!

Let me walk you through this experience. To start, I was kind of nervous. I know I struggle to style for work and also I struggle to style lots of my old clothes since I’ve gained weight. Initially, we walked through as much of my clothes as we could without me ripping out every drawer and hanger in my closet. We talked about the type of looks I wanted to style, what my style was, and what pieces I tend to lean towards.

The first thing I realized is you have to be willing to say, no. There were times when we would put pieces together and I felt like it wasn’t quite right so we tried something else. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t like something they suggest! Lucy is here to help you and she loves constructive feedback. It helps her better understand your preferences and style. Plus, you’ll have a better overall experience if you’re totally honest.

The next thing I realized is Lucy could see what I looked good in better than me. I think we let our insecurities get in our way of us putting together a really great outfit. Lucy got me to try on a lot of my old clothes that I had told her I wasn’t wearing because I didn’t think they fit now that I’ve gained weight. Not only did she help me find ways to make them work, but she helped me feel so confident in these outfits that I didn’t think my body would look good in! I mean come on how can you not feel super hot in this little mini cheetah dress?!

The hardest part of the process was putting my clothes away afterward… We FaceTimed for about an hour and I really got so much out of it. We styled 3 outfits, and Lucy gave me tips about how to style outfits in the future.

In the consultation, after talking about my style, she had me try on tons of looks in my mirror. She picked out outfits, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and even suggested how to style my hair with the looks. I understand this might not be as relevant for male styling, but having her walk through every step of the look with me was something I really needed.

She also talked with me about the closet “staples”. These are pieces that you should have in your closet no matter what your style. Things like basic v-necks, good jeans, classic sneakers or ankle boots, etc. They’re like the building blocks of good outfits, and if you don’t have them currently? She’ll help you find ones that work best for your budget and your style.

Overall, I had an awesome experience and will probably be calling Lucy later today to help me plan outfits for our family pictures tomorrow… Whether it’s a simple night out, work, or as big of an event as your wedding, a personal stylist can change the game and Lucy did just that for me.

If you want to learn more about her and the different services she has, you can check out her website at or you can check out her Instagram @ww_consulting and make sure to mention me when you sign up for a consultation to receive a discount!


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