Keep Your Head Down, do the Work, and do you.

Something that has been weighing on my heart a lot lately is others’ opinions of us. This has been on my mind with my goal setting I’ve been talking about recently for 2020 (more on this in my Instagram stories and recent posts). One of my goals for 2020 is, “Keep your head down, do the work, and do you.” I decided for 2020, I’m going to do what I do best. The form that will take I am not sure of quite yet, but what I do know is that I’m going to be so stinking proud of what I do.

This year, I had my ups and downs with trying to find out what I was meant to do. I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to serve my audience with my talents or what exactly I was good at. I always tell John that my mind moves a million miles an hour BECAUSE IT DOES! I have a new idea approximately every 15 seconds and I want to give them all a go. Unfortunately, that’s not very practical.

In 2019 I discovered what I’m good at, how I want to serve people, and most importantly that I do not care one bit about what people think about what I’m doing. The people who get it, get it and those who don’t will never understand. I do not have time to convince people that what I’m doing is good, nor should I! I do this for me and for my community. That is all that matters to me.

Does that mean when people don’t understand my dreams or support them it doesn’t hurt? Absolutely not! We all want that reinforcement that what we’re doing is right. It feels so good to have others tell you how your work is paying off, but I don’t need exactly that anymore. What I need is for one random person to say, “You make me laugh when you call yourself a potato because I feel the same way all the time.” or “Your posts lately have been absolutely on point and I just wanted to tell you that.” or “This is a must-read!” Guess what? These are all things that have been said to me in literally the last week. Most from friends, some from strangers who have become friends, all meaning the world to me.

In 2020, I don’t need my family to tell me that I am a great writer or my friends to listen to my podcast. I don’t need you all to sign up for my email list or buy into my finance coaching. I need to keep doing me, keep doing what I love, and absolutely crush this near year. I promise you 2020 is not ready for this girl.


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