My Updated Skincare Routine

I went over this on my Instagram stories on Wednesday night and got lots of questions, but I also wanted to link products for you guys so here we are!

I was going to call this my midlife skincare routine, but some of y’all don’t know me personally and don’t get why that’s funny so we’re moving on…

I want to preface this by saying that skincare is complicated. What seems to be working for everyone else may not work for you. Our skin is our largest organ and is super complex. It’s constantly changing and adapting so I am constantly doing the same thing with my skincare.

I have combination skin leaning more oily. I’m currently running dry because of the weird weather we’ve been having here in the DMV, but the current skincare routine I have has been ongoing for about 3/4 months now and it’s been working out great for me through this season.

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A good, gentile cleanser

My cleanser has been easy for me. I want something that’s going to keep the biofilm of my skin very healthy, but also get it all cleaned up. I have had the Tula for awhile and it’s been great, but I got the Mario Badescu products for Christmas and I love his cleanser a lot more. I rotate between them mainly because I’m too lazy to move one from the shower to the sink, but they both have been great fo me.

Something to help get the makeup off

When my skin is temperamental aka I’m getting stupid, random breakouts, I always use something to scrub my face. I have a knock off Clairosonic from Conair, but I lost the charger for it (we’ve all been there. Did this with my camera too) so I’ve been using my FOREO Luna FoFo. I also hate whoever named these products, but that’s fine. You do you FOREO. It’s like a little baby rubber scrub brush, but it can also analyze your skin. It’s actually really cool, but it’s expensive. I got mine in a FabFitFun Box, but you can find much cheaper dupes on Amazon without the fancy extras.

A high quality moistorizer

I think your moisturizer can either make or break your skincare routine. Even if you have oily skin, you need to use a moisturizer. I SWEAR BY THIS! I like something very thick to suck in all the moisture during the night and to really coat my skin to protect it while I sleep. If you like a lighter option, go for the Kate Sommerville. This one feels like nothing is there, but still puts in the work while you sleep.

Adding the extra serum boost

Everyone acts like serums are stupid extras that don’t do anything… Let me tell you sugar, your 50 year old skin will thank you for investing in some hyaluronic acid and a good vitamin C serum. Even adding some simple essential oils can really crank up how hard your skincare works. Plus none of these smell bad so at least you have some good scents on your face!

I do go a little easier on my skin in the morning. I usually just wash it after the gym and put a light moisturizer on with SPF in it before I put on my makeup. I think great skin is made at night time and I’ve seen the results over the years. My skin is very important to me and I hope if you struggle with your skin, this can give you the help you need!


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