NYFW Dupes Fall/Winter 2020

Every year New York Fashion week happens in the spring and in the fall. I always love seeing people push the limits of fashion and try new things. I also love keeping up with the shows to see what new designs and trends designers are bringing into the new seasons.

In all honestly, I do not over the shows in depth. I see lots of my friends cover the shows and it seems so hectic and chaotic I don’t know if I could ever do it in person, but I love to follow along online.

This year I saw A LOT of different trends. I think designers are starting to try and bring subtle things in that make an outfit different and really stand out like accessories or interesting cuts of fabric. Some of the trends that caught my attention this season are…

  • LOTS of texture
  • pinstripes/plaid
  • Suited Up! (lots of suits and wide pants)
  • Long skirts
  • oversized style
  • belted waists
  • bright colors (specifically lots of pinks, reds and blues)
  • Belted waists (a lot with the suit style)
  • Interesting necklines

In my last post, I discovered that the LiketoKnowit app does not work on my hosting platform.. go figure… so I will be putting a link to all of the dupes I have found for you guys!

I tried to stick with affordable brands (much more affordable that the designer pieces at NYFW) and also brands that are conscious/environmentally friendly. Definitly check out all the good things I found and stock up to look AMAZING this spring season!


NYFW Pants,Skirts, and bags Dupes

NYFW Tops/Jumpsuits/Dresses

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