Quarantine Self Care

With all of us stuck at home, I think a lot of us are adjusting to missing our scheduled appointments and regular self care. I don’t have many regular weekly appointments or outside self care at all (mainly because I’m a budget freak) so guess what people?! ITS MY TIME TO SHINE!

So lets talk about what is probably most important for you guys to keep up with/ learn how to do from home. First I need y’all to hear this…. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE YOUR NAILS DONE! I know if you’re used to having them done you can feel naked, but it’s unnecessary for you chillin in your house, long nails collect more germs underneath them, and you have to come in close contact with others to get them done so please just let that slide during this time. As many of you know I wear the KISS press on sets most of the time and I have stopped that to avoid germs.


Brows have become a part of a lot of our identities and most of us are not good at doing them at home (hence why we pay to go get them done). I understand this can feel like panic mode for us, but there are a lot of good ways to do your brows at home! You can always just do them the old fashion way with tweezers and try to stay on top of them everyday so you don’t loose the shape. If you don’t want to do that I recommend home waxing strips. I use the Flamingo face wax strips and I have a story highlight on my instagram on how I use them to do my brows at home. That’s what I’m used to and know best. There are also lots of other ones you can buy on Amazon and get shipped to your house and then watch a Youtube video on how to do them. It’s much easier than you think and if you mess up, no ones going to see you for weeks anyways!


With all the stress and possibly a change in environment (aka being home so much) our skin can throw some real fits. My biggest advice is to listen to your skin! My skin has been super dry since we started working from home (I have been home quarantining for 6 days now) and I don’t put on makeup as much as I normally would so my skin is acting all crazy. To cope somedays I am still putting on makeup and designating those days to shoot content or to just make me feel good! On days I don’t wear makeup I got really hard on skincare. A typical amount of skincare for me during this time is….

  • Facemask every 4-5 days
  • Washing my face twice a day
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Moisturizer
  • Eye cream at night


2020 has been my year of fitness, but with the new schedule and my lack of access to a gym I’ve really been struggling. I get worried to run outside because I want to stay away from people as much as possible and a lot of people have been getting outside lately. I would say just try to do your best in your homes. A lot of our local workout studios have gone online or other companies are offering free month subscriptions/free online classes or other things. The internet is filled with all kinds of advice on this right now, but just stay active.

I really believe that moving your body will help to bring you joy. Even just getting outside and walking will help. Just move and get your heart reate up in some way!


If you unfortunately had to cancel your hair appointment because of this I don’t have a solution to touch up your roots, but your hairstylist definitely might! I would reach out and see if they have any suggestions on something you could order to your house or do at home until you can make it into a salon. If you are just trying to keep your hair healthy, I recommend getting a good hair mask off amazon. I get the Wella Brilliance Mask and I LOVE it! I also would try and give your hair a break from heat while you’re at home. Try not to style it or wash it so much and let it just be it’s happy, healthy self.

I hope right now you are all doing your best to stay safe and healthy. I know this is stressful and annoying that we can’t just live our everyday lives, but we have to do what is right for us and our community. I hope this helps make it a little easier for all of us


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