Earth Day 2020

Earth day is everyday for me. As a conservation scientist, I constantly have the state of the planet on my mind. I know we all look at the planet we live on differently. We appreciate different aspects of the planet and we do different things to contribute to the health of the environment.

Today is the 50th celebration of Earth day as a national holiday and in honor of this, I’m going to be sharing 50 (yes 50!) things you can do to help the enviroment and protect this beautiful Earth we live on!

  1. buy groceries with less packaging
  2. don’t put your produce in produce bags at the grocery store
  3. bring your own reusable grocery bags
  4. reusable water bottle
  5. store your leftovers in glass containers
  6. use reusable beeswax cling wrap
  7. metal straws
  8. reusable silicone storage bags instead of Ziplocks
  9. buy food from your local farmers markets
  10. buy food that is in season in your area
  11. cut red meat out of your diet
  12. substitute one meal a week for a vegetarian meal
  13. use as little electricity as possible
  14. properly recycle your batteries and ink cartridges
  15. buy from thrift stores
  16. donate your torn/non useful clothes to a textile recycler
  17. always donate old, quality clothes
  18. buy clothes on poshmark
  19. buy from sustainable clothing brands
  20. don’t buy greenwashed products
  21. try to buy organic as much as possible
  22. grow your own veggies/fruits
  23. buy clean beauty products
  24. don’t use plastic based floss or toothpaste
  25. buy containerless beauty products (like shampoo bars!)
  26. use natural material toothbrushes
  27. try to unclog your drain manually before dumping chemicals down it
  28. use natural cleaning supplies
  29. buy compostable cleaning wipes
  30. use rags instead of paper towels and just wash them
  31. use public transport as much as possible
  32. walk places as much as possible
  33. bring your own cup to get coffee
  34. travel less on planes
  35. consume less dairy
  36. get books from the library instead of buying them everytime
  37. compost your uneaten food
  38. collect rainwater to water your plants
  39. stop using K-cups and get a reusable one
  40. dye our stained, old clothes so you can keep wearing them
  41. use less water from your faucets
  42. hang your clothes to dry
  43. meal plan to reduce food waste
  44. donate to a food kitchen
  45. can/freeze food (especially if you grew or bought too much)
  46. go paperless for your bank, credit card, insurance, bills, etc
  47. pick up trash outside (yes the stuff that’s not yours)
  48. recycle your plastic bags from the store
  49. use energy efficent light bulbs
  50. properly recycle your old cell phones and chargers

I was actually kind of shocked how easy it was for me to think of 50 things, but honestly it took a long time for me to learn many of these. My advice to you guys on this Earth day is do what you can, learn as much as you can, and be mindful that we only get one lifetime on this one planet. We need to make the best decisions possible for us and generations to come.


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