Ocean Friendly Swimwear

This post is for all my beach babes who love to body surf, break out the wet suit, get tossled by the waves, basically my mermaids.

I love when influencers do cute swimwear try-ons, but how often does your ruffle swimsuit top see the water? Does it last years and years if I pay $110 for it and then drench it in salt water for 3 months?

I have gone through many swimsuits over my years and I think I have it down to a science what the perfect ocean friendly swimwear is.

FIRST the swimsuit must fit the following criteria:

  • Straps (a no brainer)
  • Very secure in the boobs
  • No fancy straps or cut outs (so we don’t get all tangled)
  • no loose bottoms

In my opinion, it really doesn’t matter much more than that! The main thing is that this thing is staying on your body no matter what. I do love brands that sell rash guards and more full coverage tops along with other types of tops as well so you can get everything you need in one place, but it’s not a necessity. Now with that, here are some barnds I recommend considering for your summer swimwear!

Mint Swim

Image of Serena

This is a small, black owned swim brand started by Draya Howard. This brand has some very good classic swimwear and its SUPER SIZE INCLUSIVE which we love here! Their sets are very affordable as well! This SERENA set would definitely be a go-to of mine, but they also have great one pieces and TONS of sexy bikinis!



OHOY is owned by two scandinavian boss babes who make eco-friendly swimwear! Their Econyl swimwear is great for the environment and looks absolutely stunning. Their line is more expensive, plus you have to pay to ship it overseas, but I really think their bikinis stand the test of time. This MARRAKECH bikini set is one of my favorites of theirs because it’s more full-coverage and looks gorgeous on all body types.

Xhale Swim

Xhale swim is designed and owned by Jessica Wong. They’re made in Miami, Florida and each piece is one of a kind! They do make luxury swimwear so be prepared to pay higher price, but they run great sales that make it much more affordable! Their brand is also designed more for curvey women which I always need. This sweetheart set is perfect for getting in in the water, while also staying sexy and comfortable!


This is a brand I actually found on TikTok. They’re a small brand based out of LA and the owners hand make all of the swimwear! Almost all of their pieces seem super secure, but I have not purchased any yet. I also love that it’s supporting small makers who make high quality pieces! This Catalina bikini has had my eye on it for months now! It’s more a more expensive brand, but support small makers! It’s worth every penny!


Aerie Ruffle Longline Bikini Top

Now Aerie is a ride or die brand for me. They’re very size inclusive and super affordable. They’re not the least bit eco-friendly, but we can’t all be perfect. They have all sorts of ranges of bikinis and you can save lots of coin with them as well if you sign up for Rakuten as well! They’re a really great affordable option. Period.


This companies patterns are EVERYTHING! This is another black owned swim line that absolutely kills the swimwear game! They focus a lot on african patterns and they make tons of matching sets. They also have a large range of sizes and styles as well for all body types! I am obsessed with this IMO one piece for surfing and boogie boarding. The zipper in the front makes it super easy to get on and off and the long sleeves and full one-piece will protect you from rub rash!

Davy J

696DavyJLyme180629Matt Austin.jpg

This eco-friendly brand is actually a new found brand for me. They say their swim is specifically made for people who spend their time in the water (thats me!). They also use Econyl yarn made from recycled nylon, which means much more pricey, but super good for the environment! I don’t personally own any of these because they are very much out of my price range, but I love what this brand does and what they stand for. I understand the price.

If you have any swimwear lines you love that I should check out make sure to let me know in the comments! I hope you find some great suits from these companies because they’re all great brands and deserve your support and you’ll be lookin super sexy and staying secure this summer in the water.

Cheers everybody!

NYFW Dupes Fall/Winter 2020

Every year New York Fashion week happens in the spring and in the fall. I always love seeing people push the limits of fashion and try new things. I also love keeping up with the shows to see what new designs and trends designers are bringing into the new seasons.

In all honestly, I do not over the shows in depth. I see lots of my friends cover the shows and it seems so hectic and chaotic I don’t know if I could ever do it in person, but I love to follow along online.

This year I saw A LOT of different trends. I think designers are starting to try and bring subtle things in that make an outfit different and really stand out like accessories or interesting cuts of fabric. Some of the trends that caught my attention this season are…

  • LOTS of texture
  • pinstripes/plaid
  • Suited Up! (lots of suits and wide pants)
  • Long skirts
  • oversized style
  • belted waists
  • bright colors (specifically lots of pinks, reds and blues)
  • Belted waists (a lot with the suit style)
  • Interesting necklines

In my last post, I discovered that the LiketoKnowit app does not work on my hosting platform.. go figure… so I will be putting a link to all of the dupes I have found for you guys!

I tried to stick with affordable brands (much more affordable that the designer pieces at NYFW) and also brands that are conscious/environmentally friendly. Definitly check out all the good things I found and stock up to look AMAZING this spring season!


NYFW Pants,Skirts, and bags Dupes

NYFW Tops/Jumpsuits/Dresses

Rethinking Your Wardrobe with Wanderlust Wardrobe Consulting

I have to admit, I have quite the collection of clothes. I lack jeans because my thunder thighs keep busting them at the seams, but otherwise, I have a ton of clothes! We’ve all had that feeling when we look in the closet and say, “I have nothing to wear.” Sometimes it’s hard to rethink the clothes we already have because we’ve stared at them hanging in the closet for so long. Why not have another set of eyes look at them?

One of my girlfriends from college, Lucy, recently introduced me to wardrobe consulting! I never thought it made sense for me to admit that I don’t know how to put outfits together, but having Lucy help me rethink my closet has CHANGED THE GAME PEOPLE!

Lucy is the founder of Wanderlust Wardrobe Consulting, which is a SUPER affordable wardrobe consulting service for both men and women. I went through a preliminary consultation with Lucy on FaceTime to create 3 looks and to see how functional my closet already is! We all are much too quick to jump to buying new clothes before seeing how much potential we already have in our closet and Wanderlust Wardrobe is here to help people!

Let me walk you through this experience. To start, I was kind of nervous. I know I struggle to style for work and also I struggle to style lots of my old clothes since I’ve gained weight. Initially, we walked through as much of my clothes as we could without me ripping out every drawer and hanger in my closet. We talked about the type of looks I wanted to style, what my style was, and what pieces I tend to lean towards.

The first thing I realized is you have to be willing to say, no. There were times when we would put pieces together and I felt like it wasn’t quite right so we tried something else. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t like something they suggest! Lucy is here to help you and she loves constructive feedback. It helps her better understand your preferences and style. Plus, you’ll have a better overall experience if you’re totally honest.

The next thing I realized is Lucy could see what I looked good in better than me. I think we let our insecurities get in our way of us putting together a really great outfit. Lucy got me to try on a lot of my old clothes that I had told her I wasn’t wearing because I didn’t think they fit now that I’ve gained weight. Not only did she help me find ways to make them work, but she helped me feel so confident in these outfits that I didn’t think my body would look good in! I mean come on how can you not feel super hot in this little mini cheetah dress?!

The hardest part of the process was putting my clothes away afterward… We FaceTimed for about an hour and I really got so much out of it. We styled 3 outfits, and Lucy gave me tips about how to style outfits in the future.

In the consultation, after talking about my style, she had me try on tons of looks in my mirror. She picked out outfits, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and even suggested how to style my hair with the looks. I understand this might not be as relevant for male styling, but having her walk through every step of the look with me was something I really needed.

She also talked with me about the closet “staples”. These are pieces that you should have in your closet no matter what your style. Things like basic v-necks, good jeans, classic sneakers or ankle boots, etc. They’re like the building blocks of good outfits, and if you don’t have them currently? She’ll help you find ones that work best for your budget and your style.

Overall, I had an awesome experience and will probably be calling Lucy later today to help me plan outfits for our family pictures tomorrow… Whether it’s a simple night out, work, or as big of an event as your wedding, a personal stylist can change the game and Lucy did just that for me.

If you want to learn more about her and the different services she has, you can check out her website at https://www.wanderlustwardrobe.com/ or you can check out her Instagram @ww_consulting and make sure to mention me when you sign up for a consultation to receive a discount!


NYFW Dupes for Your Everyday

New York Fashion Week always inspires me to step out of my comfort zone with fashion. I love seeing the new trends coming in, but I also love seeing how creative designers can get with their clothings. Although NYFW tends to be riddled with high end designers and clothes you’ll never see normal people wearing on the street, I have pulled some great, affordable outfits that are not only trendy and creative, but are also super affordable and wearable for everyone.

This outfit is sophisticated, easy to put together, and can be changed up so easily. You could swap out the heels for a pop of color or pair it with any graphic tee. I would even do this with a plain v-neck and wear it out for the night. Classic, sassy, in love.

This dress is the epitome of affordable fashion. It’s so stylish and affordable. It will make a statement where ever you want to wear it.

This outfit is a mesh of old and new. I always try to reuse old things from my closet so the top is an old sweater from Francesca’s and the boots are old from Clark’s, but the SKIRT! OMG this skirt gave me life. Not only is it so stylist, but you can’t help but walk down the street and feel like a boss in this skirt. It’s so flowy and you could definitely mix up how you wear it. When it gets cold, this would be great with chunky thigh high boots and a turtleneck sweater. You could even swap out the top I picked for a lightweight long sleeve shirt. I would just say keep the rest of the outfit pretty minimal… the skirt speaks for itself.

This outfit was one I could see most of my followers wearing. Pencil skirts and sweaters are such a fall trend, but give me all the neutrals please! Mixing neutrals is such a statement of this NYFW that I’m obsessed with almost as much as I’m obsessed with this outfit. Its so comfy and hello sneakers! You could toss this on with any pair of neutral sneakers or dress it up with heels. Toss is your pearl hair clip from amazon and you’re good to go. BOOM

I hope y’all can find some cute pieces to carry into your wardrobe this season without breaking the bank. I loved putting these looks together so much and I know I don’t focus on fashion so much, but I have been so inspired in fashion lately. I hope it inspires you to step outside your box too.


Amazon Prime Day!

Before you go shopping Amazon Prime day, there are some things you’ll need to know!

Fist and foremost, this day is actually 48 hours so you will have 2 full days of deals. Second, this is not the kind of sale where you can think about your purchases. The deals change and may only be for one of the 2 days (some of the sales are only for a few hours).

Amazon has been dropping hints about what will be on sale, but they’ve been trying to keep the deals a secret, who knows why… Everything has a chance of going on sale, but last minute deals are always possible. Even though there’s almost 50 items on my list, they all might not be on sale when you go to shop, so keep that in mind.

You must have Amazon Prime in order to shop the sale, so if you don’t, you won’t get the deals. If you do, you can check out some deals and watch them by typing “sneak peak” into the search bar on the Amazon mobile app.

If you shop at Whole Foods, you can scan your QR code when you go grocery shopping and if you buy $10 of groceries, Amazon will give you $10 to spend on Prime day! You can’t get more than $10, but free money is free money!

That’s really all you need to know! Always remember, never buy more than you need and buy responsibly.

Click the pictures to shop!



ThredUp Review

A few days ago I received my first ever ThredUp order! If you don’t know anything about them, ThredUp is an online consignment shop that allows you to shop their stuff from the connivence of a computer. They have thousands of pieces and update their website on a daily basis.

Online consignment stores are a great way for people to find affordable clothes that are not only great priced, but are also greatly helping the environment! If you have read my sustainable fashion blog post, you know how much the fashion industry is polluting the world. Reusing clothes is a great way to help this problem and I wanted to see for myself if ThredUp was going to be part of the solution for me.

So to start, their website is really easy to manage. You can put in all your measurements and sizes to make sure you’re only looking at clothes that will actually be your size. Once you have those settings, you can’t look for specifics like on any normal clothing website. You can’t put “white dress” into the search bar and get consistent results. You can shop by brand, but this isn’t what I personally care about.

I spent a lot of time scrolling through thousands of pieces to find the three dresses I ended up with. Even though I was just looking in casual dresses, it was still hard for me to find cute summer dresses that I liked. I ended up settling on these three pieces.

The first orange dress is from Old Navy. It has a cute floral pattern to it and a slightly stretchy waist. I paid $9.60 for this dress and ordered it in a large. The second dress is from Volcom, commonly sold at PacSun. It’s a lightweight white knit dress with little knit details on the sleeves. It is lined as well. I ordered this in a large and paid $16.20 for this one. The third dress is from Forever 21. It is a creme color with light beige lining that is slightly longer than the dress itself. I ordered this in a large and I paid $11.88 for this.

Pros and Cons

1. They take forever to ship

These items took about 10 business days to get to me. I got free standard shipping, but it just took them so long to actually package the stuff and get it in the mail. I was not happy about that.

2. There are lots of options

They do have literally thousands of pieces for you to choose from so if you are willing to spend the time digging, you can probably find really good stuff.

3. It takes forever for you to find things you will like/are currently in style

If you do want to dig, there are not a lot of pieces that I felt were really in style right now. Lots of good clothes, just nothing I want to wear right now.

4. The sizing guidelines are horrible

I had to return 2 of the dresses I purchased because they literally didn’t fit past my boobs. I followed the sizing on each individual piece and they still didn’t fit. I was so bummed!

5. They do let you do returns

Lots of in person consignment stores or websites like Poshmark don’t let you do returns so here at least you have that option.

6. You have to pay for the return shipping if you want your money back

While you can do returns for store credit and get full price back, if you want to get your money back, you have to pay $8.99 for a shipping label or pay for your own label. I get this, but at the same time not pleased because the sizing guide sucking was why I was doing the return in the first place.

7. You get a cute little pin with your order

They give you this pin with your order and it made my heart happy. Honestly the pin was the best part of the whole experience.

So, do I recommend ThredUp? I really don’t think so. I think it also depends on the person. I might try shopping here for shoes and accessories, but not clothes. If you’ve had a similar experience or a better one let me know! I hope this was helpful!

Affordable White Dress LineUp

We all know spring is the perfect time of year to break out the white dresses. Whether you need it for a graduation, Easter, a bridal shower, a night out, or just to lighten up your closet, these are some great and AFFORDABLE options for the season!

This first dress is from H&M. It’s been hard for me to find affordable clothes from here lately because they did a rebrand and now they sell lots of really cool and high end clothes online and I think it’s really cool, you just have to dig for the affordable stuff. That being said, I think this dress is so feminine and pretty. I would wear it with brown heels to a lunch date with my girlfriends or to the beach and brighten it up with some colorful sandals.

This dress is subtle and sassy with the ruffle adds just a little something to this simple dress. I think this is a great affordable option for a graduation dress because its going to look great and classy in photos, but it’s also not too thick that it’ll be hot or uncomfortable.

This dress just screams spring to me! The sleeves are the whole statement of the dress so I wouldn’t wear this for graduation because if you take pictures in your gown, you won’t see them. I would wear this for Easter brunch or even for a bridal shower (only if you’re the bride of course). It’s simple and modest enough for church, yet also a statment and I love that.

This dress gives me such bohemian vibes. It is lined, but not the entire way and I think this would be great to just frolic around in a field. But actually I would wear this to a nice dinner or something in the Spring time. The extra length and long sleeves keep you warm on the cooler spring nights and you don’t need a jacket or anything to make a statment, this dress is enough. I would pair this with brown sandals and a brown cross body bag and call it a night. Keep it simple and let your beautiful self make the statment in this dress.

This dress is so simple and cute and is super easy to dress up or dress down. You could wear a colored statment necklace or some colored heels and really make this pop or just wear it with some neutral sandals and call it a day. I think this dress is a great option if you want to buy a dress for an event like a bridal shower or Easter, but you want to get more uses out of it than just wearing it to one thing.

If you’ve seen this dress before, it is not this dress. This is a knock off of the Nordstrom dress that is almost $100! This is definitely a formal dress the knee length lace makes this classy and a little sexy and I think it’s so beautiful. I love how they paired it here with some converse, but I would wear this with some neutral heels for graduation or for a bridal shower or to bed, whatever you’re feeling that day.

I hope these are some good options for you this spring. Sometimes, we’re looking for something specific and we don’t want to break the bank. I hope you rock these for your graduation, bridal shower, Easter brunch, or your Friday night out with the girls.

If you buy any of these and love them, make sure to share them with me! I love seeing them and hashtag them #clarkfinds

Layered Necklace Lineup

Layered necklaces are a huge trend right now and I have racked up a really large collection of them. There are definitely necklaces I tend to lean towards on a daily basis, but I mix them up a lot. My necklaces come from a wide variety of places. Some are custom, some are really old, some are brand new, some are handmade, and some are $6, so here is my layered necklace lineup!

1. Francescas

This is my go to place to get layered necklaces. The main reason is I get a discount for working there, but even without that, they have great selection for the price. Plus, if you get their emails, they are literally always having a sale on jewelry. They also have a great selection of statement pieces and simple necklaces and also necklaces with meaning that I love. They have all different lengths and most of them are adjustable so all the necklaces I have on in both of these pictures can go as long as the C necklace in the second photo. They also have lots of great silver options, I just literally never wear silver.

2. PSFortySix

This is a company I discovered from having my own Etsy shop. The shop owner, Kaci is so sweet and she makes personalized jewelry with loving meaning behind them. Her pieces are all simple and very very high quality. I recommend these as gifts or pieces that you will keep for a lifetime because they are a bit more pricey. She also runs a blog if you guys would want to check her out as well! The necklace I have on is the “leave the 99” necklace with a 15 inch chain length and I wear it everyday. My sister got it for me for Christmas and even if I wear a t-shirt I put this on everyday to keep close to my heart and it means the world to me.

3. Forever 21

Forever 21 is like the one stop shop for layer necklaces. I have about 5-6 necklaces are from here and I don’t lean towards them as often. They tend to be pieces I wear for nicer outfits or different looks I don’t wear too much. The necklaces are a great deal! You can get layered necklaces and just single necklaces in a range from $5-$20 depending on what you’re looking for and what you want to spend. The necklaces do tarnish quickly so they’re not meant for the wear and tear of everyday, but they’re great to give your necklace collection some diversity. You have to be careful when you’re buying these because both of these necklaces I have on are 1 necklace with 3 layers, but they also sell sets of 3 necklaces that are each a separate length. I like these to mix in with some of my other ones, but I recommend going into the store to buy them because the internet can be a bit of a hit or miss for these.

4. Compass Rose

This is an option for my hometown girls. Compass Rose is a little boutique in my hometown that sells really affordable, nice layering necklaces. They’re super affordable and nice quality. The owner keeps a great selection of pieces that are simple, but still are things you wouldn’t see in every shop so I always love to see her new pieces when I’m in town. She does have a website, but she does’t keep much jewelry on it so this is a little gem for all of my York, PA gals.

Although these are my main places I buy layering necklaces from, I also have some from places like PaperSource, LouLou, and a few I bought from markets or craft shows. I think layering necklaces are a great way to amp up your style and show who you are at the same time. Some of my necklaces mean so much to me, especially the handmade ones or the ones I found in special places (like on trips with John and my family). I hope this helps you take your necklace game to the next level and maybe add some new meaningful or fun pieces to your jewelry box.

As always you can shop all of these pieces by clicking on the images in this post!

Spring Break Bikini Guide

Spring break is so close I’m losing all motivation to do anything! I also am having a slight panic that my college career will be over in about 11 weeks (WHAT!?!?) and summer will be here so I wanted to round up some amazing and affordable bathing suits y’all could still grab before your spring break getaways! I don’t believe in buying quality bathing suits because I’m an ocean fanatic. I body surf and paddle board and love to spend some good time in the water so my bathing suits always seem to wear pretty quickly, even when I pay good money for them. Plus, bikini styles change every year and I think we all love to get some fresh bikinis for the new season. That being said, I do have some bikinis in this line up from last year that have held up super awesome and some new ones. All of them are still available for purchase and you can shop any of them by clicking on the photos!

The first suit is from Cupshe and it’s $30. I have been buying bathing suits from this site since high school when it was super sketchy and took 2 months to ship to your house from another country. Now, it took me a week to get this bathing suit and their sffite is totally secure and amazing. Their bathing suits are actually very good quality. I have never had a bathing suit from them that I didn’t like, but YOU MUST PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIZING!! I cannot emphasize this enough. Each bathing suit has its own sizing guides so make sure to check them and actually take your measurements, don’t guess. I have ordered many wrong sizes before, but also they only let you order bikinis in one size, so the top and bottom have to be the same size. Just pay attention to that and you should be fine.

This bikini is a super cute and comfy creamsicle one piece that I just died over. I love the little bow detail on the side. This doesn’t actually hold the bikini together so it won’t come undone if you want to wear this to actually go in the ocean and the white is not see through if you get it wet. I tested this in my shower just incase to be safe. This suit looks great with or without a dark tan and will be great for a fun spring break look. It runs slightly small if you have a longer torso so mine is a bit tight, but I stuck to my true size of a large, but I think it will have more give once it get’s wet at the beach.

The next suit is a 2 piece bikini with a sports bra like top and “high waisted” bottoms also from Cupshe. The bottoms are not a true high waist. They come up higher than an average bikini, but not to your waist and the top drops lower than a normal top so this one is kind of strange, but I really like to wear this for things like surfing, paddle boarding, boogie boarding, or just swimming in general because this baby is not going anywhere. It has a really cute stripped pattern on it and is very boho. I paired it with a lightweight cover up for that real boho vibe. This bikini runs large for sure so I would say size down. Also, if you have a smaller chest, the top may be too big. My top is too big, but I just don’t fill it out, it still fits though. If you’re super tiny, I would stay away from this suit. Also, did I mention it’s only $25 for the set?!

This swimsuit is a so classic and I adore it! I think red is so in right now, it’s going to be my hot summer color! Fun fact: I didn’t own a single thing that was red before coming to The University of Maryland and now I love it. This suit is from Aerie by American Eagle and it comes in a mix and match set. The top is a push up top and comes in bra sizes. I don’t own a bra from Aerie so I just went with my normal size from Victoria’s Secret 34C and the top fit perfect. The bottoms are a dream for girls like me. I am not skinny mini by any means so I love a good high waisted legging or jean because, honestly, I love to tuck my chub in and thats exactly what you can do in this bikini. It hides everything you want, but still lets you have that flirty, sexiness of a bikini and it makes me feel super confident. They also fit true to size and they have a wide size range (this always makes my heart happy) so I am wearing a large in the bottoms. Aerie bathing suits are always on sale, plus there are always coupons you can use online as well. For this set, I got the top for $14.98 and the bottoms for $12.98 with a sale and a coupon from Honey. I would say just make sure they’re having a sale, because full price, there are expensive.

This bikini is also from Aerie and I got it for the exact same prices as the other one. This is also the exact same bottoms, but in a different pattern to match the top. I love this bandeau look. I think it’s very flattering and I love a good strapless bikini to help with weird tan lines. It also does come with straps incase you need some added support because this could definitely be problematic for my big chested babes.I got a large in the top and bottom and I think they both fit me perfectly and those are my normal sizes. These colors would also look great on any skin tones and I think this look is so adorable. I’m just obsessed and can’t wait to rock this with a really dark spray tan (believe it or not I have a fake tan in this pic, yes that’s how pale I am).

This bikini is a splurge without a sale. Full price, this bikini is $54, which is crazy to me. I got it 30% off last year which made it $38, which was much more reasonable to me, but it is a really great bikini. I have a major major major obsession with pineapples so this bikini spoke to my soul and this year Pink Lily boutique brought it back, which was amazing! The little cut out is so cute and makes the bikini a little extra special. It also is super comfy and stays up really well if you want to wear it in the ocean. I will admit this bikini washes you out horribly if you don’t have any color to your skin, but even a little color goes a long way (as obvious in this photo of me). One pieces are so in now, I think this would be a great bikini for spring break, even if you’re super small. This bikini is a little big, but I got my true size of a large and feel great in it so I would say only size down if you want it very snug.

All of these bikini’s will ship to you in about a week so if you order them now, they will definitely get to you on time with the standard shipping. They also all are really great quality and very affordable. Even if you need some bikinis for summer, these are some great ones to start off your collection. I know I will definitely be wearing these into August this year.

I also want to say that you can wear a bikini or any bathing suit at any size. It was hard for me to feel confident enough to order these bathing suits and to want to share pictures of me in them with you guys, but I did it because I love seeing people who look like me rocking cute bikinis and clothes because they look amazing! I wanted to share bikinis for any size, shape, skin tone, or anything. I hope this inspires you to rock that bikini bod this year, whatever that looks like on you.