Episode 11- A Controversial Relationship with Debt

In this week’s episode, Clarissa goes solo for the first time to talk about some serious truth! She discusses her new year’s resolutions about her relationship with debt, how it changed after reading Dave Ramsey’s book, and how she is moving forward. Debt is not something that needs to run your life and she’s sharing some ways you can stop it.

Dave Ramsey

His Instagram is @daveramsey and his book is Total Money Makeover

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Episode 10-Renting Vs Buying A Home

This week, we talk about all things homes! John and I walk you through the benefits and disadvantages of buying and renting. Lifestyle choices have a big role to play in this decision, but finances do as well. There are lots of parts of buying a home that people don’t think about, but there are also many benefits to renting we take for granted. In this episode, we walk through this whole step with you. Oh and don’t worry, there’s no shortage of yelling either!

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Episode 9-Investing Level 2

Yes guys, we finally decided to do show notes! It was getting too complicated and we wanted to make sure you could have as many resources as possible so here we are!

On today’s episode of the podcast, John is doing most of the talking! We decided to give you guys a more in-depth episode about investing. In this episode, we break down different ways you can invest such as


Mutual funds



Real estate

We also talk about how great dividend stocks are how these work.

Here are some of the links for more information: