My Flight Essentials

Recently when we flew to Maui, I realized there are some things I can’t survive a flight without. I started packing my “survival kit” and it really makes all the difference when traveling. My survival kit mainly consists of skincare, health needs, and some other random things. It’s been a game changer for me, and hopefully it will do the same for you!

1. Moisturizer

When I fly, skincare is a big deal because airplanes don’t have “normal” air in them. The air is dry and filled with bacteria, which is why many people get acne when they travel. To help with this, when I travel, I wear no makeup and bring some skincare with me, starting with my favorite moisturizer. This will help prevent your skin from getting dry and it can be a nice refresh in the middle of your flight. I bring my OLEHENRIKSEN Counter Balanceā„¢ Oil Control Hydrator moisturizer with me because I have oily skin, so although my skin doesn’t necessarily get dry, it will need a pick-me-up half way through the flight.

2. Under eye masks

Yay! More skincare! I bring 2 sets of under eye masks; one for each way on the flight. These are great for brightening and putting moisture back into your under eyes. This is a game changer, especially if you have things to do after you get off the flight. These are also great just to bring along in your suitcase. If you don’t want to look like a weirdo like me with eye masks on during your flight, then save them for the hotel. I promise you won’t regret bringing them along. I bring the Blaq Activated charcoal under eye masks and I’m obsessed with them.

3.Essential Oils

I really only bring a blend of them, but I have brought plain jane essential oils on a plane ride before. I have a mix of essential oils that helps with headaches and sleep. I think its very calming and the scent isn’t so overwhelming that you’re blasting the plane with scent (you have to remember you’re in an air tight container). If you do bring essential oils, I recommend watering them down and bringing them so that you can enjoy them without annoying anyone else.

4. Face Mist

This is not essential… it’s actually kind of extra, but I pack my Tea Tree Water from lush just for another refresh. I usually use this before I get on the plane or when I get off so I’m not disturbing the people next to me (unless it’s John. Then I don’t care).

5. Hand Sanitizer

Cleanliness on an airplane is a must for me. They don’t clean the whole plane in between flights and honestly I have no idea the last time they did clean, so I bring hand sanitizer just to use if I want to eat snacks or something to lessen the chance of me getting sick on the trip.

6. Disinfectant Wipes

I bring these to wipe down the seat and stow away table when I get on a plane. They sell little travel packs of them at target that you can buy and keep in your carry on. Super easy and again, less chance of getting sick.

7. Dramamine

This is mainly for John, but if you start to feel sick on a plane, this is the best thing you can take. I buy the natural one, which is basically a bunch of ginger in a pill capsule. As an alternative, you could bring ginger tea bags. Just ask the flight attendant for a cup of hot water and maybe some sweetener if you like those in your tea and boom! You’re good to go!

Everything in here will make your travel experience so much better, whether you’re in first class or economy. They’re great, simple, and it’s never a bad idea to have these things just in case.

The Best Travel Accessories

Over my years of traveling, I have tried, what seems like, everything on the market to make packing simple and organized, while staying light enough for airline weight limits. The main things I struggle to keep organized are my jewelry, makeup, and my toiletries (mainly because I pack a lot of them). I’ve tried many many different things, but now I want to share with you guys the accessories I use to stay organized while traveling!

The Yumi Kim MakeUp Bag

This is the makeup bag I use if I’m traveling and know I won’t need a ton of makeup and I got it in a FabFitFun box. I will bring this even if I do need lots of makeup, it just doesn’t fit a ton of makeup brushes so sometimes I have to bring something else to carry my brushes, but for 90% of my trips, it works perfectly! It has 2 sections, one for makeup, and one for brushes. The top one also has a small pocket that I usually use for some hair accessories like bobby pins or headbands. Everything is in one convenient place and it all stays clean and organized while you travel.

Vera Bradley Travel Bag

This is an older version my mom actually got for me from a Vera Bradly outlet, but it is so perfect for me! It comes in a four piece set and you can use the smaller bags when you travel as well, but this seems to be the only one i gravitate towards. I used to store all of my shampoos, soaps, and things in big gallon plastic bags when I traveled until I got this thing! This not only is MUCH more sustainable, but it also is much more functional. I can wipe it out after I travel if it gets dirty and I can also fit a ton of stuff inside so this thing literally gets filled to the brim with everything I need when I travel and then it opens up the whole way and lays flat so you can access everything when you need it while traveling.

Halston Jewelry Organizer

This came in my FabFitFun box once and it is the best thing to ever happen to my travel game! I seriously cannot travel without this thing anymore! It is a great way to keep jewelry organized without it getting in a huge mess while you travel! I will admit it’s a bit time consuming when you’re packing to put the earrings in or to lay out your necklaces, but then you don’t spend the time detangling stuff while you’re traveling and everything stays flat and nice. It’s a serious win in my book.

Morphe Brush Case

This is a really cool invention in general for storing your makeup brushes so they’re not all over your counter, but I only use it when I travel. This is what I will travel with if I want to bring a lot of makeup brushes that don’t fit in the top compartment of the makeup bag. This brush case closes up like a little box and then lays flat with all your brushes inside. Super convenient, super cute, and super affordable while remaining high quality.

I hope you can snag some of these things for yourself and step up your travel organization game! Traveling should be about enjoying your experience and making the most of your time while you’re there. Don’t waste time dumping out makeup or detangling a necklace from your hoop earrings!

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My Travel Guide for your 20’s

The other day I took an Instagram poll to see what was holding people back from traveling and I was not surprised by the answers at all! The main issue was people not having enough money, and trust me, I’m in that boat with you guys! Traveling is expensive no matter what. It’s a luxury we all want to be able to do so how can we make it happen in our younger years where we may be lacking time, PTO, money, or people to go with us?

1. Think Inside the Box

When I asked people where they would go if nothing was holding them back from traveling, I got 100’s of responses that said they would go somewhere outside of the US. I literally did not get a single answer that said somewhere right here at home and I think you all are MISSING OUT!!

I have been so so so fortunate that I grew up with a family who loved to travel and I have traveled to every state this beautiful country has to offer! I think our generation has this infatuation with other countries and cultures that we want to explore before we even see what we have to offer right in our backyards.

Don’t get me wrong my bucket list for travel is basically all of latin America, but I love going back to the places I’ve already been right here in the US and exploring them with a new view as an adult. Through my travels in my 20’s, I’ve found that you don’t have to get in a plane to have a new and amazing experience. Just remember that we can get to those far away places soon enough!


This was something that took some education on my part. I love to travel. It’s my #1 priority every year to save up enough money to go on at least 1 cool trip and based on how high of a priority traveling is to you, you have to save like it. We all have bills to pay and responsibilities we have to pay for and a fixed income, but you control how much money you are saving. No one determines your expenses besides yourself and sometimes you have to take a good, hard look at what your spending and decide where am I going wrong?

When I first did this a few years ago, I saw I was spending more money on things I either didn’t need or could live without. This is why I don’t get my nails done every week, I reuse my clothes for multiple outfits over multiple years, I buy things on discount, I use lots of coupons, but also I stopped going out drinking all the time, and going out to eat. If it matters to you that much, you will make it a priority to make changes to save for it in the long run.

I also recommend opening a savings account just for travel. Every time I get paid, a percentage of my money goes directly out of my checking and split into my emergency savings and my travel savings. I set it to do this automatically so I never even see the money in my account. After awhile, you will forget you make that much and you’ll have all this money racked up for traveling!

3. Work Smarter, Not Harder

There are SOOOO many ways for you to save money on travel and I want to share some of my favorite ways to save. There are lots of apps you can save like


-Student Universe


These all have great deals and you can book trips through them. I never stay anywhere, but AirBNBs and have always had great experiences with them. Other apps I use to find things to do and plan trips are

-Lonely Planet City Guides





All of these apps help you plan out your trip so you can find free things to do, places that offer discounts, or you can book things early and save money.

If you’re an AAA member, they also give you discounts on rental cars, flights, cruises, and hotels. If you’re under 25, but 21 you can book a rental car through Hertz without paying extra for the insurance for being under 21 if you have an AAA card. This will save you from basically paying twice as much for a car for not being older. Definitely put in the time to research because it will pay off to save you money in the long run.

4. Get a Sugar Daddy

No don’t do this, but it is always an option

Traveling is an amazing way to expand, not just your horizons, but to see into others cultures and experiences. Don’t just travel to take pictures and try the latest and greatest thing. Have an experience, whether that’s by yourself or with your best friend or your significant other. I hope this helps you take some steps to getting out there and exploring this beautiful planet we are so lucky to live on.