NYFW Dupes Fall/Winter 2020

Every year New York Fashion week happens in the spring and in the fall. I always love seeing people push the limits of fashion and try new things. I also love keeping up with the shows to see what new designs and trends designers are bringing into the new seasons.

In all honestly, I do not over the shows in depth. I see lots of my friends cover the shows and it seems so hectic and chaotic I don’t know if I could ever do it in person, but I love to follow along online.

This year I saw A LOT of different trends. I think designers are starting to try and bring subtle things in that make an outfit different and really stand out like accessories or interesting cuts of fabric. Some of the trends that caught my attention this season are…

  • LOTS of texture
  • pinstripes/plaid
  • Suited Up! (lots of suits and wide pants)
  • Long skirts
  • oversized style
  • belted waists
  • bright colors (specifically lots of pinks, reds and blues)
  • Belted waists (a lot with the suit style)
  • Interesting necklines

In my last post, I discovered that the LiketoKnowit app does not work on my hosting platform.. go figure… so I will be putting a link to all of the dupes I have found for you guys!

I tried to stick with affordable brands (much more affordable that the designer pieces at NYFW) and also brands that are conscious/environmentally friendly. Definitly check out all the good things I found and stock up to look AMAZING this spring season!


NYFW Pants,Skirts, and bags Dupes

NYFW Tops/Jumpsuits/Dresses

Amazon Clothing Review

This idea came out of my laziness, I really hate going to the mall. The mall I like is 30 minutes away from my apartment and it takes a long time to go through each store and try clothes on, so I usually skip this for online shopping. Online shopping is easy for me because I can find what I want quickly and get it shipped right to me, but that’s not always the best solution when I need something quickly. Amazon does Prime shipping on the majority of their clothing items so I wanted to see if this would be a good fix for all my ladies out there who are just as lazy as I am!

I’m lucky that my apartment building also has an Amazon store attached, so getting clothes from Amazon literally took a day. I ordered 5 pieces all varying in price. I tried to keep them under $30, but I splurged for a pair of Levi’s jeans because they cost about the same as what I pay for my jeans from American Eagle (which I swear by) and I wanted to see if they compared.

The first thing I ordered was a stripped and floral sundress with off the shoulder sleeves. This was the worst of my options because the thing didn’t even fit. It was $17.99 and the sizing chart said I should order a large. It did fit over my body, but it was totally unflattering and the material was really thin and cheap feeling, so I scratched that whole piece.

The first outfit I really love is this cheetah print look. This long cardigan is so soft and comfy! It works great for dressing up or dressing down and goes great with the Levi’s jeans I tried out. The sweater does run a bit big. I normally wear a large and this felt oversized to me, but it still worked fine. It also has an unfinished seam along the sides of the cardigan and I didn’t like that look. The jeans are so soft! They are so cute and they’re the perfect wash for spring and summer. They have a small amount of distress on them and they are the perfect length to wear with heels. The reviews said to size up because they run small so I got a 31 over my normal 30 and they were perfect! These may have given my AE jeans a run for their money.
Cardigan: $27.99
Jeans: $40.99

The next piece was this teal dress with a front tie. This dress was a 50/50 for me. The color was beautiful and the material was thick and stretchy, but the fit was somewhat strange. The dress is cut very straight so if you have curves, this dress may give you some complications. There was not a lot of length, even with the large, so it got even shorter when it had to go over my butt. I tried tying the tie in the back as well, this made the dress EVEN SHORTER and it was just really unflattering on me. I bought a large and would say it’s true to size. I would recommend this dress for someone like my sister who is a little skinny mini. If you’re a small or medium and have some big curves, this dress will not work for you, so my curvy girls, stick to something else.
Dress: $22.99

The final piece was this navy, polka dot dress. This dress gave me life when I saw it on Amazon. I loved it so much I had to have it. I got a large again, which I thought would be too big based on the sizing chart and it was very snug. I could fit in it and move, but not move too much without fear I was going to rip a seam. It didn’t seem like a very sturdy dress, so I would recommend sizing up just for a little extra room to move. Fun fact: I almost busted the seam in the back trying to put my heels on with it. The ruffles give it that fun, flirty look, and the polka dots are going to be a huge trend this spring so this dress would work great. Also, be wary of the underside of the waist ruffle is almost white, so when it flips up, it looks strange. Regardless of these things, you will totally be catching me in this dress soon.
Dress: $22.99

Overall, I would say Amazon should be a last resort for clothes. I found some good stuff, but the sizing is very strange, especially if you’re a curvy girl. Amazon has a really wide variety of designer and luxury pieces as well, but for someone like me, I’m not looking to spend a lot of money, so it’s a hit or miss. I may just make the trek to the mall still, but I’m definitely going to buy more Levi’s from now on!

Best Buys: Winter Clothes

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for a great deal, and right now is a great time to get some deals on clothes! Right now retailers are starting to get in their spring clothes, which means they are moving out their winter ones. Lucky for us, it’s going to be winter for another few months in the north. Although currently it’s 40ยบ outside here (which to me is not that cold) theres a ton of winter outfits still to be worn and there are tons of great deals going on right now if you’re looking for some fresh finds in your closet! Click on any of the images below to shop some of my favorite pieces on sale now!

Right now, LOFT is doing a mystery flash sale where you can get 50% off of your purchase plus an extra $25 off if you sign up for emails!

A few of my favorite finds from there new stuff is linked below!

This jump suit is perfect for styling now and into the spring. It’s chic and simple and will look great with booties and a jacket or simple sandals once it gets warmer out .

This grey turtleneck sweater will get you through to the end of the year looking stylish and if you’re like me, the pockets will keep you from losing your credit card and phone.

I have a feeling red is going to be a hot spring color, plus i just love red because ya know GO TERPS! but if you want something a little less bright this top also comes in black and is so feminine and cute. It would look great with dress pants for work and then tucked in to a leather skirt for a night out!

GAP is a really underrated store in my opinion if you like to dress with basic pieces that can work with lots of outfits. They sell great quality clothing and they are always having sales so I always check to see what they have going on. They also have sizes for petites and talls, which is great! I’m 5’8 but I have a long torso so getting tall tops is really nice. Right now they have some great winter pieces in their sale section and they also are doing 40% off your purchase!

This is a more light weight turtleneck that would look great under dresses or jackets to keep warm for the rest of the winter season. It’s much more high neck than the one from LOFT, which some people don’t like but it’s always nice to have options. It comes in a bunch of colors and is going quick so i recommend getting it while it’s available.

This sweater OMG it just reminds me of the beach so much and I LOVE it! It comes in a cream and a grey/tan as well, but this blue is so pretty to me. In the spring and summer I love to wear cardigans with simple white tanks underneath and this would be perfect for those slightly warmer spring nights or perfect now with jeans and a cute v neck underneath.

I cannot express to you guys how much I love my GAP jean jacket. I have a light wash distressed one as well as i white one so why no add a metal studded one to the mix?! This darker wash denim will work well into the spring and the metal stud details all over make the jacket have that little extra something. I’m not a huge fan of denim on denim like they have it styled in the photo, but I will wear blue denim with other colored jeans such as black, white, burgundy, etc. This would also be perfect over a dress because it will still give you some shape because the jacket hits at the waist line instead of the hips.

I wish I could express how much I am obsessed with Arie by American Eagle. I like the clothes from AE, but I LOVE the clothes form Arie. A lot of us miss out on their clothes because we only think about the fact that they sell bras and underwear, but they have SO MANY cute staple pieces in my wardrobe that I couldn’t share with you the things they have on sale right now

This cardigan is VERY OVERSIZED and i love it like that. It lays so nice and is simple and great for all seasons of the year and currently it’s on sale for $22!!! It also comes in grey if some of y’all are feelin that for the wintery seasons right now as well.

These are the best “I gotta run errands” or “i’m not moving today” pants! boot cut, which i prefer in the winter because it helps keep chilly winds off your ankles if you’re making a run to home goods, but it also switches it up from your normal yoga pants. They also come in long sizes for my tall girls out there.

This sweater/sweatshirt is one of my favorite things I own because it’s so diverse. I can dress it up with black jeans and some booties and a long necklace; maybe a neck scarf and head out to dinner. Or I can wear it with leggings and lay in bed all day. Its perfect for any occasion and is $23. I can also tell you they hold up super well in the wash because I think I’ve worn mine about 800 times already in the time I’ve owned it.

I hope you guys find some good stuff to hold you over until the pastels come out in the spring soon! And don’t forget to check out my shop page where I always update my favorite clothing pieces at the time!

My Favorite Clothes For Every Workout

I love to mix up my workouts every week. I feel like my body responds more when I change the style of workout I’m doing constantly. I do Barre, BodyPump, Cycle, Yoga, and weightlifting on a regular basis and I love to wear different styles of workout clothes based off of the type of workout I’m doing.


Yoga is definitely the workout I do the most. I’m a total yoga nut, inversion junkie, whatever you want to call it I LOVE YOGA!! And I have tons of different clothes to wear to yoga. I also wear different outfits based off the type of yoga I’m doing (hot, yinyasa, triptych, vinyasa, or I’m just stretching it out) but this is my usual go-to for most of them.

I usually stick to softer leggings that I can still sweat in, but I also love high waisted leggings because when you’re moving and bending so much, your pants tend to fall down… a lot and the person behind you does not love your VS thong as much as you do… I also pick a sports bra that’s not super tight because sometimes I think those can get uncomfortable while I workout and I want to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible during my yoga practice. For tops, I tend to pick something tighter so it doesn’t fall in my face when I’m in down dog or anything, but sometimes I go loosey goosey just so I can feel relaxed and free, but sometimes this bites me in the butt and I suffocate a little bit every time I’m upside down. For shoes, I go barefoot, but I wear a comfy pair of flip flops to go to class so they’re easy to take off. I wear flip flops in the winter time too because I’m super lazy ๐Ÿ˜€


Running is something I’m trying to do more often. I’m not a huge fan of it but, I love the way it makes me feel (its a love hate relationship). I feel so accomplished when I run further and further, but I always feel like I’m going to have a heart attack at the end. But when I do run, this is what I love to wear…

Since it’s summer, we’ll stick to what I wear now when I run in the heat. I usually wear athletic shorts and a tank top, this is partially because I worship the sun and love to work on my tan at every chance possible, but it’s also so the shirt doesn’t hold the heat in. If my shorts don’t have the lining in the already, I wear spandex under them so if they ride up I don’t get chub rub between my thighs. When I run, I wear a really supportive sports bra. I don’t have huge boobs, but my best friend Hannah does and I know her struggle is real, but I tend to wear my tighter Victoria’s Secret sports bra to keep the girls in place.

Side Note: I think VS sports bras are amazing. When they go on sale they are extremely affordable! They’re comfy and supportive and they come in all kinds of styles so I definitely think you should check them out!

For shoes, I try to wear shoes with lots of support, but honestly I don’t have a great pair of running shoes so I usually wear my Nike Free Runs.


Cycle is one of my new found workouts that I love!!! I love to sweat my butt off when I workout and cycle always leaves me drenched! I started with online cycle classes that I did in the gym of my apartment and then moved to gentle cycle; now I can do a whole hour long cycle class and I’m addicted!

When I head to cycle class, I stick with some really tight leggings. I like the compression on my legs while I cycle plus, shorts tend to ride up when I cycle and then the seat rubs my inner thighs. For my shirt, I love to wear baggy shirts so I can easily pull them up to wipe the sweat off of my face and they don’t show off my rolls since I’m seated for most of the workout (Yikes…) I wear my flat sneakers because I don’t have cycle shoes, but they work well. I also wear a headband normally to help deal with the whole sweating issue.


I started weightlifting when I was in high school for volleyball and have learned more and more about it since then. I love to do legs when I weight lift because I LOVE workin my booty! I don’t do much back or chest weightlifting because those aren’t areas I tend to want lots of muscle definition, but I’m trying to expand my horizons and do that more, but when it’s time to work that booty, this is what I wear.

For weightlifting, I stick to comfy pants that give me space to move when I squat and do lunges and things. I also pick leggings that aren’t see through when they stretch out!!! This is a big problem I find with a lot of leggings so if you have a big booty or are doing lots of squats, always try them on and check to see if you can see your underwear through them in the mirror when u squat down! For shirts, I go tighter because I don’t want them to get in the way and get caught on weights or benches. I don’t go skin tight because I don’t like my clothes to fit that way, but it’s personal preference. I again stick to the flatter shoes because it’s good for you to wear shoes that are as flat as possible when you weight lift. I know lots of people who wear converse to lift, but I’m not a very serious weightlifter honestly ad my white converse stay on reserve for cute outfits only.

I hope you guys found this helpful and let me know what you love to wear to the gym! I’m just starting my CHAARG Summer FitPlan so I’ll be working out a TON and would love some suggestions! Leave a comment below and share with your gym buddy! Down below I left information about all the clothes I’m wearing in each of the photos if you want to check any of them out! I’m 5’8 and 165 lbs if you want to buy online and need a size reference! Look out for more posts coming your way soon!


Clothes in each photo:


Pants: lululemon athletica Wunder Under Pant (Hi-Rise) $98 Size:6

Shirt: Etsy from everfitte $29.50 Size: M

Sports Bra: From Target Fila $19.99 Size:M

Shoes: Rainbow flip flops $52 from their website


Pants: Adidas Running Shorts from Adidas outlet size: M (they’re really old I don’t remember how much I paid for them)

Nike Pro Spandex underneath from Nordstrom $25 size:XL

Shirt: Nike Dri-FIt Tank from Nike outlet $16.99 size: M

Sports Bra: Victoria Secret Sport Incredible Sports Bra $19.99 size:32D

Shoes: Nike Free Runs $100


Pants: Nike Dri-Fit Cropped leggings $24.99 from Dick’s Sporting Goods Size: M

Shirt: Maryland Top from Sam’s Club $15.49 size:L

Sports Bra: Victoria Secret Sport Incredible Sports Bra $19.99 size:32D

Shoes: Nike Lunarlon $120


Pants: Women’s Freedom Color Blocked Tights – C9 Champion $27.99 size: L

Shirt: Forever 21 Breast Cancer Workout Tank w/ Mesh Back $19.99 size:M

Sports Bra: Victoria Secret Sport Incredible Sports Bra $19.99 size:32D

Shoes: Nike Lunarlon $120

How to Make Your Comfy Clothes Cute

During the week, I get super busy with school and work so I don’t always have time to put together a cute outfit, but I still don’t wanna look like I just rolled out of bed. I have to wear nice clothes to work so going to class, I usually just wear leggings and a plain shirt or whatever I know I’ll be comfy in all day. We all know this struggle so I wanted to give some tips on how to throw together quick outfits to help make your life easier during the week.

First, my go to is always black leggings, and 99% of them are athletic leggings. These can always be dressed up or dressed down. I love to wear these with cute plain v-neck t shirts with my white converse and I LOOOVVEEE this look. Sometimes I throw a hat on it. Sometimes I throw an oversized sweatshirt overtop and BOOM! you lookin so cute! Other times, I want to do something a little extra and throw a cute fitted camel neck sweatshirt.

The key to this is to have those signature comfy pieces that you can mix up all the time. I stay in neutral colors like grey, black, and white, but sometimes I add pops of color in my hats or shoes. Some of my own signature pieces include quarter zips, cross-neck hoodies, adidas and puma t-shirts, and my white converse.

You also don’t need to break the bank on these clothes either. I buy a lot of my athletic clothes at TJ Max or Ross, but I always keep tabs on the Lululemon sale and Nike.

Keeping it simple and comfy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or break the bank. I hope these tips help and let me know what you love to wear on your comfy days too!


(all photos taken from Pinterest)