How Freckled Finn Came To Be

As some of you may have seen from my bombardment of posts on Instagram, John and I finally got around to launching our DREAM COMPANY!

We have been working on this for months and this idea has been in our heads for years and it has finally come full circle! I wanted to write this blog post to not only explain what our new business is, but to explain why this is something I personally wanted to do and how it’s affecting the direction my blog and other things in my life are going.

So… Let’s start with the story!

I have always been a big dreamer and when I met John I think that was something he really liked about me (or at least I hope. I actually don’t even know if he likes me half the time lol). We met in college, as many of you know, and we used to always ask each other, “If you could do anything, what would you do?” and John’s response to me was always, “I would run my own fishing company”.

We would sit there and talk about how we would do it, what we would do, what our biggest, craziest idea was for this company, and eventually he started letting me add in my crazy ideas too (they usually involve a taco stand, but he goes along with it). When we finally got out of college, I had some money for us to take this idea and turn it into a reality. I was so pumped that we could finally get started and John pushed it off and said it wasn’t the right time.

This went on for months with me, honestly getting really pissed off about it. I must admit John and I get into fights a lot because John is so practical/numbers/data oriented and I live my life off hope. I was mainly frustrated because I believed in this company that didn’t even exists yet! In my mind all I could think was, “Do you not believe in us? What about our big dream? Why don’t you trust me?”

I now know a lot of that was stemming from his fears of crunching numbers and also just fear of us being in such a crazy place in our lives with just having graduated college. Around November of 2019 I finally said, “It’s now or never”. I had made a plan for him, I explained how I would get things done, I drafted up our website, and he finally gave me the okay.

So here we are, one month in. I would have to ask John exactly to know what he thinks, but based off our conversations so far, I think he’s glad we finally took the jump. Yes, there are things we didn’t expect, but they are good and bad.

This has been the best experience in the first month. This company gives me so much joy to work for it and watch it grow, even in the short lifetime it has had. I can’t wait to see where it goes in the future.

Now, you may be wondering where my part in all of this came from. Well you can check out our website or watch the Youtube at the bottom of this post to learn what we’re all about, but it actually worked out perfectly for me to fit right into this company.

I have been passionate about the environment for years now. I have always wanted to do something to change the planet. I first really got my heart lit on fire by this two summers ago when I was working in an entomology lab (yes that’s the study of bugs) where we were doing sustainable agriculture research. I learned so much about farming, crop growth, organic farming, and ag in general. Then I graduated and got the most boring job on the planet!

Now I must mention this job in the entomology department was HARD. It was outdoors in Maryland in the middle of the summer in fields of corn and soy beans and broccoli and peppers. It was farm work and lots of counting bugs and lots of dirt and rain and chicken poop and guess what? I loved every second of it. My job now is in an indoor lab, I have a desk, I get to wear what I want, I can work from home some days and I hate this job with a passion.

I know this job is not for me, but I know learning and helping change the planet is for me. I know I was so happy at that other job and I know with Freckled Finn, I can do that work and more. I can do the work I want to do and make change.

I want to focus more on this company and these ideas and less on typical “blog” things. I will be taking a step back from this and it will be heading in a new direction, but I’m not exactly sure what that will look like yet. I hope you guys learn something from watching us grow and change and I hope you come along for the ride with us!