Quarantine Self Care

With all of us stuck at home, I think a lot of us are adjusting to missing our scheduled appointments and regular self care. I don’t have many regular weekly appointments or outside self care at all (mainly because I’m a budget freak) so guess what people?! ITS MY TIME TO SHINE!

So lets talk about what is probably most important for you guys to keep up with/ learn how to do from home. First I need y’all to hear this…. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE YOUR NAILS DONE! I know if you’re used to having them done you can feel naked, but it’s unnecessary for you chillin in your house, long nails collect more germs underneath them, and you have to come in close contact with others to get them done so please just let that slide during this time. As many of you know I wear the KISS press on sets most of the time and I have stopped that to avoid germs.


Brows have become a part of a lot of our identities and most of us are not good at doing them at home (hence why we pay to go get them done). I understand this can feel like panic mode for us, but there are a lot of good ways to do your brows at home! You can always just do them the old fashion way with tweezers and try to stay on top of them everyday so you don’t loose the shape. If you don’t want to do that I recommend home waxing strips. I use the Flamingo face wax strips and I have a story highlight on my instagram on how I use them to do my brows at home. That’s what I’m used to and know best. There are also lots of other ones you can buy on Amazon and get shipped to your house and then watch a Youtube video on how to do them. It’s much easier than you think and if you mess up, no ones going to see you for weeks anyways!


With all the stress and possibly a change in environment (aka being home so much) our skin can throw some real fits. My biggest advice is to listen to your skin! My skin has been super dry since we started working from home (I have been home quarantining for 6 days now) and I don’t put on makeup as much as I normally would so my skin is acting all crazy. To cope somedays I am still putting on makeup and designating those days to shoot content or to just make me feel good! On days I don’t wear makeup I got really hard on skincare. A typical amount of skincare for me during this time is….

  • Facemask every 4-5 days
  • Washing my face twice a day
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Moisturizer
  • Eye cream at night


2020 has been my year of fitness, but with the new schedule and my lack of access to a gym I’ve really been struggling. I get worried to run outside because I want to stay away from people as much as possible and a lot of people have been getting outside lately. I would say just try to do your best in your homes. A lot of our local workout studios have gone online or other companies are offering free month subscriptions/free online classes or other things. The internet is filled with all kinds of advice on this right now, but just stay active.

I really believe that moving your body will help to bring you joy. Even just getting outside and walking will help. Just move and get your heart reate up in some way!


If you unfortunately had to cancel your hair appointment because of this I don’t have a solution to touch up your roots, but your hairstylist definitely might! I would reach out and see if they have any suggestions on something you could order to your house or do at home until you can make it into a salon. If you are just trying to keep your hair healthy, I recommend getting a good hair mask off amazon. I get the Wella Brilliance Mask and I LOVE it! I also would try and give your hair a break from heat while you’re at home. Try not to style it or wash it so much and let it just be it’s happy, healthy self.

I hope right now you are all doing your best to stay safe and healthy. I know this is stressful and annoying that we can’t just live our everyday lives, but we have to do what is right for us and our community. I hope this helps make it a little easier for all of us


First Impressions: Drug Store MakeUp Finds

I’m all about saving money, so when I hear drug store brands are pumping out some amazing products, COUNT. ME. IN! Manny MUA is one of my favorite YouTube makeup artists and he did a few videos with full face makeup tutorials with all drugstore brands and he had a really good experience with many of the products. I really dig when he does these because my skin type is very similar to his (oily to combination). Obviously, I’m not a famous makeup artist *yet* (I CAN DREAM PEOPLE) so I didn’t get a ton of makeup, but I got a good amount and I had pretty great experience with it all.

First I got the Maybelline Fit Me! matte and poreless foundation in 3 shades because I’m going to get a spray tan soon, but since I’m pasty white right now, I tried the lightest shade I bought first which was 110 porcelain. I also bought 115 Ivory and 220 Natural Beige. I tried to put it on with my morphe M439 like I used to put on my hourglass stick foundation. That didn’t work so hot for me. I felt like it gave me a very light/medium coverage, which is not my style. I decided to try and dab it on my face with the brush in little circles and this worked *SO* much better. I then went over this with a damp beauty blender and it looked really beautiful!

Next I added some concealer on top that I already owned and then set my whole face with the Fit Me! matte and poreless pressed powder in the shade 120 classic ivory using the e.l.f complexion brush. I felt like I had to really use a lot of product to get the results I wanted, but I really didn’t mind because the powder was so cheap.

Following this, I used the Wet n Wild blush in the shade 328B Mellow Wine for my cheeks and also applied this with the e.l.f complexion brush. This went on beautifully and blended very nicely into the skin. One thing I personally really love to look for in blushes is that they aren’t super pigmented. I wanna be able to put by brush in it on the first try and not have to think about it. It aways happens to me where I get so excited about new makeup and I do swatch my make up *sometimes* but let’s be honest sometimes I just get too excited and put my brush in it and BOOM… clown cheeks. Luckily, this was not the case with the Wet and Wild.

After the blush, I went in with my usual bronzer and light highlight, just to finish off my face to have a complete face look. I looked for bronzers, but they didn’t have the shades I wanted to complement my fair complexion so I moved on to some eye makeup. Now, I have never done winged eye liner in my life…

I know, its tragic, please pick your jaw up. I know, I’m very embarrassed. I have very big eyes and I’ve always been very self-conscious about them and I think winged eyeliner doesn’t compliment them. I decided it was time to get over my fear and give it a go so I got the Wet n Wild felt tip eyeliner in black and this thing is Ah-Maze-Balls. Before I put this on I threw on a little light brown eyeshadow and some glitter first just so my eyes weren’t naked. The eyeliner was super easy to use and it went on BLACK. Like really black. I found it super easy for a fist timer so get yourself one of these. The best part? Its less than $6

To finish off the look I grabbed a magaslicks lip gloss from Wet n Wild as well in the shade 556B Sun Glaze. First I tried it on its own and it wasn’t going on smooth. It had this really neat peach, metallic color to it, but it just wasn’t giving me what I wanted. I then put my Kylie Cosmetics lip liner on underneath in the shade KoKo K and looked much nicer. Still wasn’t a super huge fan, but maybe I’ll use it again.

Overall, I think my makeup came out awesome! I put in some close up pictures so you can see if the foundation and powder live up to what they’re supposed to do, which is keep your skin from getting oily and make your pores disappear. I wore the foundation again today all day and it held up AWESOME! I had a long day and it was hot outside and I tend to touch my face a lot during class so I would highly recommend this to anyone who has oily skin and is looking for a cheap, awesome foundation and powder. Small note: My forehead was oily by the end of the day, but this happens to me no matter what. You really do have to do some touch ups to your face/makeup throughout the day if you want it to stay truly flawless, but us ladies are out here getting things done and working hard, we don’t have time for all that.

As always, I encourage you to try this out, but remember you do not need makeup to feel beautiful in your own skin. You are beautiful from deep inside and it radiates outward. Thanks for reading!


Why Makeup Everyday is a No-No

During the week, I wear makeup between 4-6 days a week but I will NEVER wear makeup everyday of the week. Now that doesn’t mean that I go in public with my sleepy eyes all natural for the whole world to see. No one wants to see that (honestly I just feel better with a tiny bit on). On a normal day, I’ll put on a whole face of makeup. That consists of primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, bronzer, blush, and highlighter. On other days, I like to just let my skin breath. I read this quote from Victoria Beckham once where a reporter asked her if she could give advice to 20 year old her, what would she say? The first thing she said was, “Don’t wear so much makeup. Let your skin breath. You’re so young.”

That really stuck with me because I thought, well, I’m 20 and I wear a lot of makeup almost everyday solely because I felt like I had to in order to look good. Now, days where I have to get up really early or I have an exam or I just don’t have lots to do I put on my tinted moisturizer, eyeliner, and mascara… THATS IT!

I can’t advocate and be like, “Omg this has changed my skin! It makes it absolutely perfect and wonderful!” because it doesn’t. I have really temperamental skin so days like today when I didn’t wear makeup because I had an exam, my skin is so oily I look like a greased pig, but tonight I’ll do a face mask to try and help that. I think this is a really give and take process, but I genuinely believe that older me will thank me for letting my skin breath now.