Duck Donuts

Here in Maryland, there are many different places to get donuts, but lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of chat about this place called Duck Donuts so of course, being me and always wanting to be doing what everyone else is doing, I went and tried them with John (he’s always down for food, especially donuts). I went for the first time a few weeks ago, but I have been SUPER busy so I’ve had n time to write at all, but I’ve already been back again. When you go in, they have a little paper you can fill out and select what you want on your donut. They have different glazes and drizzles and toppings so you never have to have the same thing, which I loved. I got some sweet and some savory ones like vanilla glaze with oreos and fudge drizzle as well as powdered sugar with blueberry drizzle and I honestly couldn’t tell you which one I loved more. Their donuts aren’t very dense as John put it. You can eat two or three and not feel like they’re just sitting in your stomach. They’re also not super sweet where you just feel sick. This may be personal preference because I have quite the sweet tooth, but even some things for me get to be too overpowering.

Duck Donuts is about a 30 minute drive from The University of Maryland, but honestly it’s so worth it if you have a craving for some good ass donuts

Side note: last time I went, I dropped my phone in my parking garage when I got back and completely ruined the screen so maybe the donuts weren’t worth the $136 I paid to get my phone fixed, but they did make the situation a little more bearable.

They have lots of different locations across the east coast so look them up in our area and give them a try. You’ll be addicted.