Why You’re Addicted to the Beach

We all get super excited to go to the beach in the summer time and soak up some sun or head out on our “boat boats” as my boyfriend would call them, but what is it about that salty air and sun kissed skin that we are all so addicted to? Well, there are lots of positive responses in your body from beach conditions.

On a scientific note (y’all know I had to put some smart stuff in here or this wouldn’t be me) the ultraviolet rays from sunshine stimulate vitamin D production in the body, which helps you absorb more calcium as well as increase serotonin in the brain. This is the chemical your brain produces that makes you feel happy.

Once you absorb those sun rays and get your tan, you will also feel better about your appearance. Tan skin is shown to create more muscle definition and is associated with people who are more active and healthier. This is because we usually think you have to be outside for long periods of time to get that glowing goddess skin.

Another health benefit you get from the beach is better skin. Those sun rays can help reduce acne if you expose your skin to the sun for 30 minutes a day! (Just don’t burn it… thats bad) The salt water is also great for your skin. There’s a form of skin therapy called Thalassotherapy that is specific treatment of the skin with seawater. The salt can get into your pores and help to dry up excess oil that causes acne.

Fun Fact: Some skin care lines put excess salts like sodium chloride (table salt) into their toners or face washes to help people who have oily skin like me!

Another reason the oceans calls our names is because our stress levels drop immensely at the beach. There have been many studies on why this is, but it is attributed to a vast number of factors. The color blue is known to be calming in its own sense, but the flat surface and repetitious patten of ocean waves is satisfying and calming to the human mind. We like the predictable; it makes us feel safe, so this repetitious environment is very soothing.

The sand also neurological calms you. Now, I know some people who absolutely can’t stand sand and thats totally cool, pools were made for you people, but for my die hard beach lovers, you know how amazing it feels to sit your butt down in the middle of the sand and just roll around! Okay, maybe that’s just me, but you get the point. Sand activates your tactical sensory and stimulates your brain, which attributes to your calm, relaxed feeling.

Even though there are so many more reasons why we all love to go to the beach both in our hearts and in our subconscious, we all love to get away and put our toes in the water and ass in the sand with no worries in the world and a margarita in hand. Life is good today. (Yes I just quoted Zac Brown Band) Life is good today


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