Healthy alternative to cheese boards

We all love a good cheese board, but that cheese can add up really quick; especially if you’re like me and make them for every small occasion. Everyone loves a good munchable, but sometimes we need a good healthy alternative. This is how I built my healthy veggie boards!

The first step is to get a large cutting or serving board. Based on the amount of people you’re having, you will need larger trays or you can just make one medium sized platter and refill it as it runs out. Next, you’ll need lots of veggies! Some of the ones I like to use are





-Bell peppers


You can use what ever you like, just make sure to cut them into bite sizes so everyone can snack with ease. No one wants a giant hunk of celery taking up their whole plate. You can also add olives or pickles for some salty things just to mix up what people are eating.

After you’ve picked out your veggies, next you need some dips. I think hummus in very popular right now so you could put out 1-3 different types of hummus to go with your vegetables. You could also do ranch dip like I did in the video above or use dill dips and other variations you can make or buy at the store. I recommend doing no more than 3 dips and if you’re going to do 3, keep them small. You don’t want to overwhelm your guests with options, but you also don’t want to overwhelm your platter with giant dips.

I just leave mine in the container they came in, but if you want to up your presentation, you can always transfer them into a serving dish also.

Although veggies are the healthiest option, it’s always a good idea to have some type of carb. I like to have crackers even without having cheese to add texture and contrast to the board and also to add some variety, although I don’t do lots of crackers. I usually just buy one of those entertaining cracker packs (which have the worst name in my opinion, but not my call). They give you a little bit of everything you want or you can guy a few boxes of crackers to put out. Just make sure you don’t buy 3 types of Triscuits and instead go for the mix like Ritz crackers, Truiscuits, and Wheat Thins.

When arranging the platter, the only thing you have to worry about is not putting too much of something on the plate and mixing up colors. There’s no right way to do it. Get creative and lay out the goods. People don’t care if it looks pretty. It’ll look pretty for 5 minutes before people eat it. All that matters is they enjoy!

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