Affordable White Dress LineUp

We all know spring is the perfect time of year to break out the white dresses. Whether you need it for a graduation, Easter, a bridal shower, a night out, or just to lighten up your closet, these are some great and AFFORDABLE options for the season!

This first dress is from H&M. It’s been hard for me to find affordable clothes from here lately because they did a rebrand and now they sell lots of really cool and high end clothes online and I think it’s really cool, you just have to dig for the affordable stuff. That being said, I think this dress is so feminine and pretty. I would wear it with brown heels to a lunch date with my girlfriends or to the beach and brighten it up with some colorful sandals.

This dress is subtle and sassy with the ruffle adds just a little something to this simple dress. I think this is a great affordable option for a graduation dress because its going to look great and classy in photos, but it’s also not too thick that it’ll be hot or uncomfortable.

This dress just screams spring to me! The sleeves are the whole statement of the dress so I wouldn’t wear this for graduation because if you take pictures in your gown, you won’t see them. I would wear this for Easter brunch or even for a bridal shower (only if you’re the bride of course). It’s simple and modest enough for church, yet also a statment and I love that.

This dress gives me such bohemian vibes. It is lined, but not the entire way and I think this would be great to just frolic around in a field. But actually I would wear this to a nice dinner or something in the Spring time. The extra length and long sleeves keep you warm on the cooler spring nights and you don’t need a jacket or anything to make a statment, this dress is enough. I would pair this with brown sandals and a brown cross body bag and call it a night. Keep it simple and let your beautiful self make the statment in this dress.

This dress is so simple and cute and is super easy to dress up or dress down. You could wear a colored statment necklace or some colored heels and really make this pop or just wear it with some neutral sandals and call it a day. I think this dress is a great option if you want to buy a dress for an event like a bridal shower or Easter, but you want to get more uses out of it than just wearing it to one thing.

If you’ve seen this dress before, it is not this dress. This is a knock off of the Nordstrom dress that is almost $100! This is definitely a formal dress the knee length lace makes this classy and a little sexy and I think it’s so beautiful. I love how they paired it here with some converse, but I would wear this with some neutral heels for graduation or for a bridal shower or to bed, whatever you’re feeling that day.

I hope these are some good options for you this spring. Sometimes, we’re looking for something specific and we don’t want to break the bank. I hope you rock these for your graduation, bridal shower, Easter brunch, or your Friday night out with the girls.

If you buy any of these and love them, make sure to share them with me! I love seeing them and hashtag them #clarkfinds

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