ThredUp Review

A few days ago I received my first ever ThredUp order! If you don’t know anything about them, ThredUp is an online consignment shop that allows you to shop their stuff from the connivence of a computer. They have thousands of pieces and update their website on a daily basis.

Online consignment stores are a great way for people to find affordable clothes that are not only great priced, but are also greatly helping the environment! If you have read my sustainable fashion blog post, you know how much the fashion industry is polluting the world. Reusing clothes is a great way to help this problem and I wanted to see for myself if ThredUp was going to be part of the solution for me.

So to start, their website is really easy to manage. You can put in all your measurements and sizes to make sure you’re only looking at clothes that will actually be your size. Once you have those settings, you can’t look for specifics like on any normal clothing website. You can’t put “white dress” into the search bar and get consistent results. You can shop by brand, but this isn’t what I personally care about.

I spent a lot of time scrolling through thousands of pieces to find the three dresses I ended up with. Even though I was just looking in casual dresses, it was still hard for me to find cute summer dresses that I liked. I ended up settling on these three pieces.

The first orange dress is from Old Navy. It has a cute floral pattern to it and a slightly stretchy waist. I paid $9.60 for this dress and ordered it in a large. The second dress is from Volcom, commonly sold at PacSun. It’s a lightweight white knit dress with little knit details on the sleeves. It is lined as well. I ordered this in a large and paid $16.20 for this one. The third dress is from Forever 21. It is a creme color with light beige lining that is slightly longer than the dress itself. I ordered this in a large and I paid $11.88 for this.

Pros and Cons

1. They take forever to ship

These items took about 10 business days to get to me. I got free standard shipping, but it just took them so long to actually package the stuff and get it in the mail. I was not happy about that.

2. There are lots of options

They do have literally thousands of pieces for you to choose from so if you are willing to spend the time digging, you can probably find really good stuff.

3. It takes forever for you to find things you will like/are currently in style

If you do want to dig, there are not a lot of pieces that I felt were really in style right now. Lots of good clothes, just nothing I want to wear right now.

4. The sizing guidelines are horrible

I had to return 2 of the dresses I purchased because they literally didn’t fit past my boobs. I followed the sizing on each individual piece and they still didn’t fit. I was so bummed!

5. They do let you do returns

Lots of in person consignment stores or websites like Poshmark don’t let you do returns so here at least you have that option.

6. You have to pay for the return shipping if you want your money back

While you can do returns for store credit and get full price back, if you want to get your money back, you have to pay $8.99 for a shipping label or pay for your own label. I get this, but at the same time not pleased because the sizing guide sucking was why I was doing the return in the first place.

7. You get a cute little pin with your order

They give you this pin with your order and it made my heart happy. Honestly the pin was the best part of the whole experience.

So, do I recommend ThredUp? I really don’t think so. I think it also depends on the person. I might try shopping here for shoes and accessories, but not clothes. If you’ve had a similar experience or a better one let me know! I hope this was helpful!

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