Affordable Holiday Gift Guides!

I know I’m going to regret saying this, but I actually love doing gift guides! They’re so fun for me to find all the things for you guys to buy and I especially giving gifts. I love to give gifts to the people I love even if that means getting nothing in return. Giving gifts is a way I express love and I enjoy buying them. I know not everyone is like this and I respect it because I also know how frustrating it can be to get gifts for people you don’t genuinely care about or receiving things you don’t actually want/need.

Something I really want to stress before I start to share some gift ideas is the holidays are not about the gifts. So many people go into debt over the holidays because they feel like there is this expectation of gift-giving that they must meet and then you create this money pit that is crazy hard to dig yourself out of. Get what you can, but remember people want your presence over your presents.

For Him

I sort of phased this towards Dad’s more than dudes because aren’t most guys just young Dad’s? Most things on this list I think would be appropriate for you to buy for your husband, boyfriend, Dad, Uncle, etc. Maybe just be cautious of the age appropriateness, but who am I to judge!

Slim RFID Blocking Wallets


Grill Accessories


Face Care/ Aftershave

HandsFree Call Radio Adapter


I linked a bunch in the images, but some of my favorites are Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, If You Had To, New Phone Who Dis, and Incoherent

Sports Merch

•Insulated Drinkware

I personally don’t buy YETI stuff, but I do buy 2 brands that are just as good (if not better) and much much more affordable, Ozark Trail and RTIC


Car Washing Supplies

This is just a fun, affordable gift my mom came up with a few years ago. My sister’s boyfriend had just bought a new truck so my mom took a big bucket and filled it with soap, rags, car wax, Windex, all the things! It’s super affordable and shows you put in some effort, but I also found a really affordable one that’s already put together!

Charging Stands


•A nice bottle of alcohol/nice cigar

For Animal Lovers

Honestly, I was just going to do for dog lovers, but both of my siblings have cats that I want to get gifts for and so now we are doing all the pet lover things. I also have friends who have animals who love stuff for their house that relates to their animals. It’s an underserved category so we’re covering it.

Light up dog harness

Custom Collars

Animal Portraits

Personalized socks


Key/Leash Holder

Cat Backpack

Pet Ornaments

Custom Food Bowls

Stocking Stuffers

I’m very tired of getting the same stupid stuff in my stocking every year (Mom I have enough Capstick, please stop getting it for me). Some of this I wouldn’t repeat, but they’re good ways to mix up what you get in your stocking and make sure they’re useful.

Small Jewelry


Reusable Bags

Headbands/Hair accessories

Face Masks


Reusable Straws

Earbud Cord Organizers

Mad Libs

Hair ties

Sleep Masks

Luggage Tags

Bottle Stoppers

Pop Sockets

For the Gals

This year, how about we buy each other something more than just a cute jacket, a mug, a candle, or some face masks? I tried to put down some ideas to give something more to your closest friends to show them how much you love them

Movie Night Boxes

Take a big popcorn container and fill it with treats, drinks, movie tickets, blankets, fuzzy socks, or whatever you want! Make a little movie night back so you guys can either stay in or go out and you can give a heartfelt, affordable gift.

•Subscription Services

I did this for my sister for her birthday and I think this is the gift that keeps on giving! Some services I recommend are





-Popsugar Box



I love to share good books with my friends and family and I love people to share them with me as well. Adding a book can be a nice touch to a gift. Some of my recent favorites have been

-Daring Greatly

-Girl Stop Apologizing

-SkinnyTaste Fast and Slow (this is an amazing cookbook)

-Smart Women Finish Rich

•Spa Day

I would buy these off Groupon or spurge if a place is having a sale. This is a great gift to give a friend that they definitely wouldn’t be expecting!

Movie Projector

Herb Garden Kit

Bathtub Tray

Bedside Smartphone Vase

Encouraging Artwork

Sentimental Gifts

Sometimes I think it’s worth it to spend a little more money and get something extra special. These are some of my favorite gifts with some really special meaning behind them.

Customized Ornaments

Picture Books

Map Artwork

Custom Jewelry

Another option

Event tickets

•Special Date

This one I wanted to add in because I’ve done this before for John and he loved it over getting a gift. For example, for his birthday last year, I took him to this luxury whiskey bar and he got to sample all of these really rare and unique whiskeys and he loved it! I know he loves whiskey and instead of buying him a bottle, I turned it into an experience.

Personalized Portraits

Another option

Custom Cutting boards

I really wanted to make sure everything I found for you was going to be on some type of sale or was coming from an independent person, AKA Etsy. I hope these give you some different options other than every other gift guide you’ll see this season. Just remember to make sure your computer has a full charge and you don’t overspend. Happy shopping!


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