Planning your 2020

Yesterday, I was watching the Start Today Morning Show, which is a live stream that Rachel and Dave Hollis do every weekday morning. Dave was talking about how on fire he was for 2020. He had spent the weekend planning out his goals for 2020, how he was going to reach them, why he was doing it, it just seemed like he had it all planned out.

Personally, I don’t have 2020 at all figured out yet, but I do know I have some HUGE plans for the year. John and I are launching something very exciting, we will probably move again, we might get a new dog, and so much more. I wanted us all to enter into this new year intentionally. 2020 is the start of a new decade! It’s time to rev the engine and get this machine rolling! But don’t press the gas pedal just yet! Why would you start driving the car if you have no idea where you’re going (that wastes gas and it’s bad for the environment lol).

Being intentional with your planning and setting up fail-safes for the times you’re going to slip will be so important for keeping your goals on track. A few weeks ago I found the goals I had set for myself before my senior year of college. Don’t stress about finding a job, spend lots of time with your friends, try something really new, travel, etc. I actually did everything on the list except one thing… Read for pleasure during the semester.

Now you may be wondering, why do you care that you didn’t reach this goal? Well, to be honest, I really didn’t care about the not reading, I cared that I didn’t keep a promise to myself. I don’t even think I put in a good effort to try! To keep this from happening again and to set myself up for the best new year possible, this is how I’m going to set my goals.

1. Think BIG

I’m totally about setting huge goals. I think if you start big, you’ll end big. In 2019, I told myself I was going to blog every week for a year. I was graduating school, I was looking for a job, a new place to live, and that seemed really crazy at the time. Here we are, 70 blog posts later and just getting started.

The other great thing about setting big goals is you can break them down into smaller goals. The big goal can then become a little goal for each month and then another smaller goal for each week of that month and so on. It’s a really great way to actually achieve it. Like I said, start big, end big.

2. If… then

Now that you have these goals, what does this practically look like in your life? To do this, I like to write out if… then statements.

For example, if I want to show up well for John as a partner then I have to make sure I’m actively pursuing him and expressing love to him.

Now looking at this, I know that in order to reach this goal, this is what needs to be done, and I can take it even further if I need to. I can write down what “actively pursuing” him looks like or I can write down how he receives love and good ways to express it to him.

Writing out what you have to do gives you a clear picture of possible changes you need to make in your life, while also giving you a little helpful roadmap.

3. Keep them visible

Once you have this all set up, you need to keep your goals integrated into your life throughout the year. For me, this changes every year. Last year I had them on the front page of my morning journal. In the past, I’ve hung then on the back of a door or put them on a mirror, etc. Just keep them somewhere that you will see them every day.

Some more ideas:

•Make a note in your phone, screenshot it, and set it as your wallpaper

•Make a cute drawing and hang it on the wall (this is what I’m going to do this year)

•Put them on stickie notes around your house

•Put them on your nightstand next to where you charge your phone

•Hang them on the fridge

•Write them on a water bottle (but also drink your water)

I hope you guys find these helpful and get you all set up for the best decade of your life. I just also wanted to say thank you to those of you who make it this far in my blog posts. I’ve been doing this for a year now and your readership means the world to me. Thank you for spending time with me over this last year, watching me grow, giving me feedback, and loving on me. I’m so blessed with you guys!


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